The First: Art Contest Results (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1)

It’s finally over.

As of today, the first BIONICLE G1 Canon Contest has come to a close. We sent the winning model and the winning artwork off to Greg Farshtey, and received our response today.

First, a quick word on the process.

Over the past month and a half, we tackled the enormous task of running a new Canon Contest in the modern age. There were many issues to address - painted pieces, 3D printed pieces, older creations from before the contest began, and many more. And then, of course, working out issues when it came to the voting system itself. This was… not easy, and for our first attempt it was certainly not perfect by any means. However, we feel confident we were able to do our best and persevere, and we feel strongly that the solutions and discussions held with the community brought the state of these contests to a better place.

Are there still improvements to be made? More than likely. And we will continue to do our best to pay attention to feedback and improve upon any area that demands it. As such, we thank you all for your participation and patience during this time. We know the next one will be even better.

As such, and without further ado, I present to you the winner of The First BIONICLE G1 Canon Contest, and the canonical version of the first Toa, Helryx:

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Winner: BIONICLE Canon Contest #1 - The First, Part 2
By Mister N

As such, that concludes this contest. Myself, Meso, and Invi will be doing a breakdown of the contest tomorrow on Nak & Jay, so stay tuned to hear our thoughts and the behind-the-scenes of this entire process. In the meantime, head over to this topic to vote for which one you want next.

Once again, thank you all so much for your participation. A special thanks to @Infrared for his outstanding work coding a method to properly and efficiently conduct the voting system we utilized during the art portion of this contest. We wouldn’t have been able to conduct this in this manner without him.

Thanks again, and please be polite and respectful during your discussions going forward.



Congratulations to the winner!
It’s a really nice piece of artwork, and definitely well deserving of being the canon design
My only gripe is that it’s done in the original Bionicle comic style, which could be a good thing in some people’s eyes, but for me it just takes away that original pop that some of the other pieces had.

But honestly, I’m not one to complain, I didn’t enter at all and to be honest, I like the design. It’s really nice and inspired.
Again, congratulations!

That’s fair enough, although the cool thing about this entry is that it add pop to the model itself with the shoulder lights, so that’s neat.

Congratulations @Mister-N !


It’s official!


Congratulations, @Mister-N!

While this wasn’t one of my ultimate top 3, it is an excellent entry, and I love the way it emphasizes faithfulness to one of the original BIONICLE art styles. It definitely looks like it could have come right out of a canon comic! The mask design, while not my favorite of the final entrants, is very unique as well, and the idea of tying it aesthetically to the leg armor from the winning MOC was ingenious.

Overall, a very pleasing and worthy addition to the BIONICLE canon!


Now onto the next order of business:

When will there be a podcast addressing the Helryx contest controversy/drama?

Hopefully never, let’s just leave that behind.

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Congrats to Mister N!


Congrats to the winner!

Congratulations, @Mister-N, on winning the contest!

Yay!! this was my favorite all along :slight_smile:



Hey hey hey, congrats to @Mister-N! A well-earned win. And to the runners-up, a fantastic effort all around. They were genuinely all great entries even if I did have my own personal nitpicks with them, and any one of them could’ve been the winner and would’ve been perfect in the role.

To the TTV members, I’d also like to extend my deepest gratitude to you. It’s no secret that it was a bumpy road to get to this point, and I can only imagine what kind of stress you’ve been under the last month and a half. After everything you’ve been through, nobody would blame you if you threw in the towel at this point (or heck even earlier!). So the fact that you not only saw this contest through to the end, but are still going through with the rest of them, deserves a massive thank you and kudos!

And special shout out to @Infrared for making this voting system a reality. You knocked it out of the ballpark, and you should give yourself a pat on the back. Here’s a cookie as thanks! :cookie:

Onward and upwards!


Thank you TTV for your wonderful, hard working nature that provided us with this chance to see some of our favorite characters from Bionicle be granted a proper appearance. These contests will be very tiring, and especially so with this first trial run at it. You deserve a rest for your efforts to handle this competition with good care and patience, even if it did test you at times. Thank you so very much!

To the winners of the MOC and art competitions, @TheUnderscoredDouble and @Mister-N, congratulations to you. Thanks to you, we now have a canon appearance for Helryx. Thank you for your time and effort you put into this contest.

This goes to all the other contestants as well. Not only did your passion provide such a diverse and artistic view on this character, but it solidified itself as evidence that the Bionicle community is strong and eager to see the legend live on. Thank you all for your time and efforts as well.

To any others who wish, let’s fill this topic with praise and good tidings to those who took care to fulfill this wonderful project.


Well, it’s certainly a weird feeling to see a new G1 character portrait on BS01, after so long… I like it.

Congrats to @Mister-N and @TheUnderscoredDouble for their winning entries, and well played by all (MoL reference :stuck_out_tongue:). It was awesome seeing all the different interpretations in both phases of the contest, so thanks to everyone who submitted an entry for us to appreciate!

I’m personally quite content with the winning design - I love the artwork, and the MoC has grown on me a bit more since the first phase of the contest. Looking forward to the next one! (And the Nak & Jay, though I hope it’s not all about just the controversy side of things?)

Massive thanks to TTV and @Infrared for making this a reality. The time, effort, and care that has gone into these contests has not gone unnoticed.

Finnaly, I would love to know what Greg’s response was like, even if it was just a “Sure, seems fine to me.” :stuck_out_tongue:


We shared his email response in the announcement video:


This has been a weary, almost grueling process to sit by and watch, and I can only begin to imagine actually running the whole thing.

Well deserved applause for not just Mister-N but also Eljay and Meso; the bloodshot eye wasn’t worth it but you pressed on regardless, so recognition where recognition is due.


I am, so happy that these contests happened. Despite the turbulence of this first set (which the staff are to be commend for steering us through) it warms my heartlight to see, and I mean really see, such a significant character given form.
Not to mention one of my favourite masks.

Congratulations Mister-N. And thank you to all the other artists for your magnificent renditions.

Looking forward to whoever comes next.


Congrats to the winner and has others have said, major props to Infrared for the voting system coding