The First: Art Contest Results (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1)

And now the image is on the official wiki. It’s 100% canon.


On this note: is there any way we can know what he thought of #bendygate? A part of me is a bit let down that we didn’t get to see his reaction to it.

Congratulations to Mister N!
And a huge thanks to the TTV staff for making this all possible.
Looking forward to the next one!



He did not comment on Hoseryx. We haven’t shared anything because there wasn’t anything to share.


Congaratulations again!
Also thank you TTV for the amazing work!

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@TheUnderscoredDouble @Mister-N

You guys are probably getting pinged a lot at the moment, but I thought you might like this.
I made your winning Helryx design (or as close as I could manage) in @Katuko’s old “Bionicle Fighter” game:


Congratulations to the winner!

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I’ve never seen this game before. What is it called? It looks interesting.

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“Bionicle Fighter: Broken Virtues” by Katuko. It’s a fan game. If you search it alongside his name, a few links should come up - it’s on BZPower, and he has a blog with it as well. I downloaded it a few years back so hopefully one of the links still works.

Quite a bit of fun, though unfinished, unfortunately. You can play as a Toa or Rahkshi and have a plethora of customization options.


Cool, thanks.

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Much congratulations to @TheUnderscoredDouble & @Mister-N on being the creators of the canon Toa Helryx design,

And big props go to the TTV cast & staff for perservering through the myriad of issues that popped up.

I’m looking forward to what will come next.