Rhinaria - Guardian of Stone

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran (Toa)

Element: Stone

Kanohi: Ruru

Tools: Hooks

Traits: Sophisticated, Virtuous, Boisterous, Brash


I really like this!
While I prefer stone to be tanish brownish colors, this MOC works 100% in Pohatu 2008’s colors. The only gripe I have is with the dark gray angles piece near her pelvic area, as it can be turned into different positions. Overall though, I think this is an awesome MOC!


The arms are pretty weak but the rest of it is decently executed.
I like how the orange blend well but I question some random stuff sticking out like that 3-long axle and the angled technic piece.

I quite like this. The rahkshi feet and the chest plate add a rocky feeling to this character, like she’s made of actual stone. Awesome work.


Great work, Windfall, as usual. Always love seeing your work here and on CBW :smiley:

I love the overall design of the MOC. I love how the orange and grey would together. I also love your use of the 2016 Skrall armor recolors. The only nitpick I have is that the grey of the Rahkshi leg pieces stands out among the 2004-present grey but I know that that piece only exists the regular grey in a few sets.

Overall great work, my man.

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I like it quite a lot, though the arms could be buffer.

Looks really great, great shaping, great textures but is this matoran or a toa

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Nice! I love the combination of orange and grey, for some reason it works really well together.

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