“Come on, now. I won’t hit back.” -Rible

  • Alias: Buried Fist, Diafille (Birth Name)
  • Weapon/Power/Tool: Purgatory Gauntlet, Flame-Proof Scarf, Obsidian Chain Dagger
  • Species/Apperance: Humanoid
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Half-Halvic (Crossbreed)
  • Faction: Pahua, Revotain (formeley)
  • Residence: Pahua Inactive Volcano
  • Occupation: Vassal, Head Admin
  • Status: Alive

Prior Appearance/etc.


Untrimmed/Minor error Text

Aside from some glaring issue on the backstory, this moc suffer lack of articulation on the waist, the half-breed thing isn’t executed too well, and reuses Omslough head design. Otherwise, the proportion seems to go well-


This is quite good, pretty cool colour scheme if I do say so myself.

Purgatory gauntlet should be a death metal band


Nice gauntlet design.

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That gauntlet tho, really diging it. hate those clown shoes though

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I like it for the most part but there is a couple gappy aread and inconsistent textures that could be fixed.

Don’t we all?

The only noticeable gap is the pelvis build, inconsistency is debatable from up and down.

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That’s an awesome gauntlet.