Ride in Redwing: 10x10 System Vignette

Another of several 10x10s I’ll be posting today :grinning: This one depicts a daddy daughter fun day at the mall, with a costume shop in the background and a small mall plane ride titled “Redwing.” Enjoy! :airplane:


Pretty neat.

And yet blasphemous.

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Awwwwww I am looking forward with joy to those days of my life…

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My friend traded me the figure, which I took for the novelty of it- and this was the only way I could think to use it :sweat_smile: @Leoxandar

Interesting idea for a scene. I like the decision to go with a shop in the background.

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I like it. Shame it doesn’t have a function replicating the way the toy moves irl, or does it have that?

Considering she’s wearing lipstick, yet riding a kid’s toy, I’m guessing he’s more of a sugar daddy than her guardian, right?

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@Huichelaar there is a hinged brick under the Redwing ride to allow some posing/motion, but to your point it does only go backwards :sweat_smile: and I had been thinking guardian… maybe I should change that face… :joy:

It’s mah Boi Orange Fred…

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Creepy adults watching a kid from outside.

Mannequins can be 3 sp00ky 5 me sometimes @TeslaEffect