Rikai (4-toa kaita)

The idea was to make an unstable fusion. As always, only pieces from kopaka, Gali, Lewa, and onua were used. I was thinking about akira and tyrant from resident evil while making it. The open pins and such get on Eljay’s nerves, which is nice, but they also show this creature’s instability.

If I hade to assign story to it… um…the toa were experimenting with fusions and evidently four toa shouldn’t merge?

I don’t know I’m just a goof. I’m posting from my phone. I don’t know why the photos flip the way they do


I think it’s better to post these Toa amalgamation into one topic.

The concept could be executed better, that giant claw is only redeeming quality tbh.

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This is pretty interesting. I like it.

this hurts my eyes

Interesting concept, not that great of execution

Maybe I’ll try this again sometime. Maybe not. He’s pretty ugly

Nice concept, but doesn’t look too good… It’s a combo model, what more can you expect? So, good then.