Ripsaw improvements

I know, a day after the original post, I’m making a second one… But I just loved the feedback that I got and took it all in, and this is what I came up with.

I added an extra limb piece into each saw arm, so now they fold up much better…

I also made a second video, which better shows how the saw blades spin. The whole assembly is connected to the upper torso, meaning that when the upper torso moves, the blades move with it, hence all the movement in the video…

Tell me what you think…


Looks more epic than ever. I kinda like his sawblade skirt.

I love that head design! Never thought that piece would be used for a head, but it looks great with the rest of the moc :smile:

I would love to see this guy dancing while cutting people in a half…

As for the Moc, it looks really cool, I like how you used the SW shin guard for its head. The arms and the legs look good, and the upper torso too.
The sawblade skirt is ingenious and really well executed.

The feet seem a bit big, but other than this minor nitpick it looks beautiful.

looks alot better, I gotta agree!

Looks very interesting


The hoop was definitely fixed, and his arms, I se, have added some bulk, making him seem less skinny. Good job!

Looks a ton better!

Great job!

Oh wow, the extra arms and the way they attach/rotate around is really clever

I really like the head.

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