Rirni the Bad#%^&

Rirni is a super stealthy, flexible, and bad#$%& vigilante. She has been fighting crime for years on end. Plus here is a lil’ secret, she has a crush on Redrick. Don’t tell her I told you she’ll kill me.

She is extremely flexible, she can bend side to side and back and forth.


Rirni: Why are you following me!?

Onnuke: Well let me just say…

Joelee: You have such pretty eyes.

Rirni: What?
Onnuke: What I meant to say was it would be easier to talk to you with out the leash.

Rirni: Okay I let you off now spill.
Onnuke: Ah, better. My question is would you like to be part of our team?

Rirni: I’ll think about it.
Onnuke: Great.


Much of the MOC feels empty or unfinished, such as the sticklike waist, and the lack of proper armor on the upper torso. The parts used for the hips also emphasize how little mass there is to the MOC.


Nice build pretty cool, some minor improvements I like the posing

The waist is ridiculously gappy, I’d recommend covering it up with something like a slizer foot. The texture of the hand conectors on the chest also really clashes with the smooth CCBS armor.

Do plastic figures have the capacity to love?

THEY DO IF YOU BELEIVE!!! Always remember Maku x Huki


It’s a really sleek and cool looking MOC, but it reminds me of a lot of modern video games: There are a lot of things that are clearly unfinished or need room for improvement. Mainly some of the armor placement to make it more complete. The waist is also a bit too thin in comparison to the rest, but it can be adjusted.

I really like the look of this MOC. She does look unfinished, but the same aesthetic is there pretty much all over, so the design works well in my eyes! Would recommend replacing these with these on the hip-axle if you can, and perhaps adding some other detail at the waist such as some flex tubing. I feel she’s so slim that the comparatively heavy armour plates on the front of the shins is out of place as well, and the shoulder joints might be better and more flexible with some different joints there. Perhaps you could incorporate a joint using this part and this part together?

I have to wonder - what’s a bad****? The word I think you are thinking of only has 3 letters, friendo.
As fot the MOC, the big thighs next to the tiny waist is a bit jarring. In fact, the whole torso’s a bit too skinny.

the moc is ok but th big guy in some of the pics looks really good