Rise Of The Feral King, Metru Nuva 2.0

October 2021 I posted my version of the Toa Metru in a Nuva form with a small story to accompany it, I sadly never got around to finishing the project but now I have, with new versions to accompany each of them and a lot of expansion. This is.

A battered and bruised Matau lay broken on the colosseum floor, his lift arm severed, his armour shattered and before him the site of his once fearless leader Vakama, now a monstrous mutation his once bright orange flame now turned a stickily green pierced through the Chest of Whenua.

Vakama had intended to finish the Toa of Air off, only for Whenua to leap in front, hoping that the Toa Of Fire would come to his senses but he did not. Vakama was too far gone. Now just a hideous monster. The Toa of earth fell limp as Matau stared at the expressionless face of Vakama, lost to an an animalistic rage. The Leader of the Toa Metru was gone and he had taken Wenua with him.

The next time Matau awoke, it was in a cave. He was back to his original form, except for his missing arm. It had been a month since the Battle at the Colosseum. With him were Nokama, Nuju, Onewa Keetongu 4 of the Rahaga and 7 Matoran Pods.
Confused and in a daze as Nokama explained the situation. They had been saved by a mysterious group that materialized to them and teleported them away. The group didn’t identify them selves, and just as quickly vanished, their only words “An anomaly has occured, this is not the way it is supposed to go” Before vanishing into thin air.

They had been transported to the Island above Metru Nui and had spent the last few weeks fending off constant Visorak attacks.
The 2 missing Rahaga Iruini and Kualus had returned to the Colosseum to search for any sign that Whenua might have survived.
This question was soon answered when they returned, clutching a scratched Kanohi Ruru in hand.

Time passed, with the group fending off attack after attack, an awakened swarm of Bohrok and a brief battle with the Bahrag queens has occurred and just like what should have happened to the Toa Mata, the remaining Toa Metru fell into the Energised Protodermis, their bodies transformed, becoming the New Toa Nuva.

Matau Nuva
Matau had been totally broken by his utter failure to save wither Vakama or Whenua. He had all but abandoned the Toa code and become a shell of the once cheary Toa of Air he once was.
Now sporting a new Left arm, shoddily pieced together from scraps and bits of Visorak.
He also carries Whenua’s Ruru on a chain attached to his waist. A constant reminder of his failure.

With the loss of his left arm came the loss of one of his Toa Tools.
His remaining blade transformed into a Katana type sword.
To make up for the loss Matau trained in other combat methods and crafted a number of other tools for him self.
Having foraged Lhikan’s swords, he reforged them into a large greatsword. He also carries a wrist mounted Rhutuka Shield and a pair of Buzz spurs grafted to the back of his feet.

A long awaited battle with the Feral King and his mysterious subordinate known simply as “The Hunter”

Onewa Nuva
Onewa’s equipment took much inspiration from his original Job as a Matoran. Now Sporting a massive war hammer and a small side arm known as a War Chissel. As well as a small grapple that he carries as a navigational tool.
His shin armor took a pretty hard hit from a Visorak attack, now appearing beaten and rusted.

Nuju Nuva
Nuju has become a fierce warrior. He now sports a Large War Pick and a great shield.
he also carries a number of curatives and resources in numerous pouches belted to his waist.
While hi eye scope is still visible, the lense has been removed and replaced with a simple piece of glass. This is Nuju’s way of Rejecting everything that Vakama had now become and he has no desire to use and equipment forged by a traitor.

Turaga Nokama Nuva
Nokama had come to a very clear realization, that the only way that they were going to survive this encroaching shadow was with the use of the
Kanohi Avohkii, while there was nothing to say for certain, she somehow knew that one of the 7 rescued Matoran was destined to wear the mask.
In a desperate attempt to revive them on this small hope Nokama sacrificed her Toa Powers to awaken them. Becoming a Turaga Nuva.
Despite her diminished state, Nokama is still a formidable warrior. her Nuva status still keeping her on par with a high level Toa, However she does tire much easier.

Feral King Vakama
Vakama had now become a fully realized Hordika. His form changed and his status now permanent. What caused this sudden explosion of darkness within him was at first unknown. Until a Mysterious individual appeared in his throne room. Makuta Valitas. A small individual who quickly set light on the situation, he was the one that had granted Vakama his new found powers, Roodaka was planning to betray him and release Makuta Teridax and Valitas was here to take her place as his new viceroy.
He could offer Vakama New found power, a brand new army and a massive amount of knowledge, all he asked in exchange was for Vakama to allow him to perform any experiments he wished. Vakama Agreed imprisoning Roodaka and now fully solidifying his status as the New Feral King Of Metru Nui.

The Hunter
A Mysterious Hordika Class being and one of Valitas’s twisted experiments. Once a Toa, Turned Hordika. Valitas fused one of his Shadow Leaches to the Heart core of the beings chest, transforming him into a Shadow Hordika and massively accelerating his Hordika Transformation.
It is unknown who this being was before his hideous transformation, yet something about him rings very familiar.
As well as his Hordika arm tools is has been equipped with a large catch pole a Group of Ketsorak type Visorak and a task to capture every single one of the escaped Toa and Matoran.
Why is it that every time he sees the Toa, he hesitates?

Makuta Valitas
A mysterious Imp like Makuta that appeared to the Feral King and offered him his services. In truth Valitas is a Commander from a group known as “The Hand” Each hailing from a different universe. Valitas was the one responsible for Vakama’s sudden rage and subsequent downfall.
Valitas is Highly intelligent, having crafted a new breed of Shadow leach, that can individually use Kraata powers and also bestow them onto others. He is also a skilled Rahi creator and the only known being to have discovered the means to create perfect Nui Stones.
He carries A Nui Staff, a strange staff with a Nui Stone imbedded in its tip.
Valitas as well as the mysterious organisation that he belongs to will play a pivotal role in all future events in this Universe and all others in My own multiverse.

Visorak Ketsorak
A mutant breed of Visorak created by Makuta Valitas. They act as the Feral King’s personal soldiers.
Even among Visorak they are powerful and deadly. Much larger in size than normal, they sport extra legs, a large pair of mandibles, numerous spikes, a reinforced Rhutuka spinner and the ability to produce and deploy mind controlling shadow leaches from their Abdomen. These creatures are not to be taken likely.

It is unknown where the story goes from here. However the 7 rescued Matoran are now awake. The Matoran that in the main time line would go on to become the Toa Inika/Mahri as well as Takua. It is not yet time for any of them to fulfil their destinies, however in time they may become pivotal to the future of this version of the Matoran Universe.

This was not a project that I had originally intended to do but it was a very fun one, if time consuming lol. So I hope it’s enjoyable to look at and read.

Please note that I do not intend to release any of these Models for download. They are simply for fun and part of my own personal collection.
If you need help finding any of the parts or packs I use, please ask and I will do my best to answer if I can, however here is a list of all of the creators who have contributed parts and colours.


Turret3471 Pack
Galva Pack
Bio Pack
Lehvak Nuva
Xio Zaku
Pasta Man64
Evanetics Art (Parts pack link as per pack Terms)
and a few of my own.

If I have missed anyone or if anyone knows any more skilled artists that have parts free for download then please let me know, I’m always looking for new parts.

As always all comments and feedback are very welcome.


ooooo i love em!


My favorite build here is Matau, the design lends itself to the idea that Matau is a dark brooding sort now

I like this whole concept, the idea of rerouting the WoS history toward a dystopian universe is a great one (I’m a sucker for end-of-the-world AUs) and using an alternate Makuta to do it opens up a lot of possibilities that can keep the story unique unto itself. I’m curious about that group that saved the heroes (how did you hack my notes app /s)

I also really like that your custom parts usage still includes plenty of nods to official parts, helps it all stand on it’s own while still blending with the design aesthetic of G1

And splitting up the team via transformation was a great move. Our heroes are always shoulder to shoulder as Toa in the canon story, it’s good to see a version that admits the unity we want isn’t always the unity we get. I’d like to see how this drives the team dynamic moving forward


i just realized, its whenua isnt it…
ngl i would love to see this as an actual written story, feels like a toa empire style’d narrative


I really like the “set form”, half-animated style, half-lego build. It fit so well
Particulary the weapons, they’re so amazing !

(TBF if I could, I would buy your mutated Visorak and Valitas)


Very nice. Valitas is a pretty cute build, Vakama looks really cool, Nokama is way better than the set, the three Toa are all great. The Hunter looks really nice too, kind feels like a Darkhunter revamp.


Me too, Matau was the original inspiration for this series, based on a Matau Nuva build I did way back in 2006.

In general your words are too kind Wekua :heart:

Maaaaaybe :wink:

I would honestly love to do that at some point, since this is an evolution of an idea that I have had in my head since 2006 lol. My writing skills leave much to be desired though.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m really a huge fan of the Ketsorak build too. The person that made the custom Visorak Shell and head, @phinto is exceptionally good so it’s always a pleasure to integrate their parts into builds.

Kind of has Savage vibes right?
I think the head part is actually supposed to be for Savage but I mainly used it cus of it’s clear nods to a certain “deceased” Toa Hordika of Earth’s head.

Thank you all for the lovely comments and kind words.
I really do appreciate them. :heart:
Please let me know if there is anything you would change or add, or any already existing characters you would like to see in this style who could fit into the narrative.


I find the custom hordika head interesting choice too ~


My visorak gose down in history