Risebell 2.0 The Shadow Toa with Pakari knee Caps

This is without doubt the best MOC I've ever made. Why? Because the only others I've made are the Furno Zombie and the 1.0.

I mostly made this MOC with Ngram's RP in mind, making sure to remove the white and stick to black and grey, also giving him green eyes instead of Piraka ones due to him once being a Toa of Air.

A view from the back, inserted a gear for aesthetics

Apparently the Inika build is for low-quality mocs, so I tried making a torso out of mostly technic bits and things.

The legs could use work, using a Mata torso and pistons I ripped off my Axonn T-T
Also Pakari knee caps. Hah.
His Scythe is my favorite part about it. I haven't a clue were the Rhotuka shield is...

Thoughts and opinions?


Geez get better lights. 8P

But yeah, looks really cool, I like the large amounts of Bulk it has, and the kneecaps work better than I figured they would

Torso seems kinda messy, with all the exposed curved liftarms, but I see why it's there


I think the back of the legs of this could use work, the head might need to be a little higher up
otherwise this is a better improvement
I liek it

Yeah I need to get one of those set ups 3rdeye had, these pics don't do it justice.


It's perfect

I agree with @Ice it's perfect


I wouldn't say that it's perfect, but for your third MOC I am amazed.
1. If you are better with the inika build, go for it. I won't judge. Custom builds can be hard to get right, although you did pretty good.
2. The proportions are a little skewed. Mainly the lengths of the upper to lower arms and legs. That usually takes a few versions to get just right.
3. The weapon is really cool for how simple it is. I would keep it for future versions.
4. There are quite a bit of exposed technic bits in his torso and legs. I would work on covering those up.

Altogether, amazing for only your third MOC. Looks very promising. Can't wait for v3!


It's always cool to see masks used in interesting ways.

Actually, Inika and similar builds, IMO, are not low-quality if you really take your time with the color scheme and parts usage. There's nothing more nostalgic than having a collection of official sets sitting on your desk smiley I've strived to achieve that same feeling with MOCs.


He looks good, only complaint is the shoulders. There a bit too big, even for him.

I like the Pakaris as the knee-caps.

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So I'm trying to add a disk launcher to his right arm, @ToaOrrel would you have any suggestions?


That disk launcher fits in well with the build. smiley

Cool MOC! Love how you put the pieces out of the box. He should be a friend of mine wink

Rise, connect the disk launcher to the arm with this piece. It'll give you enough clearance.


Having an Inika build doesn't make a MOC bad. It just gives you less options - which isn't to say you can't get creative with an Inika torso. Reference. That said, the custom-built torso here is very nice.


Wow, I was wrong about the Inika build eesh stuck_out_tongue
Thanks btw, thinking next time I should make more of an effort to cover the torso with armor though...


First Terribad has Pakari shoulders, now Weissbell has Pakari KNEECAPS?!

Very nice MOC. The body is a nice design.

But dem knees! stuck_out_tongue

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I agree with @Nyran here. Although, I would suggest using bohrok eyes in silver or black on the axle hole of that piece. Either that or flip the arm around to cover up the connection. Just makes it look cleaner.

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