Risebell's Bohrok Brain Surgery Tutorial

Hello! Now, assuming you're all certified doctors like myself- I'm going to give you a step by step tutorial on how to perform Bohrok Brain Surgery!
slaps on gloves

Step 1: Obtain two Bohrok
First off, you'll need two bohrok.(With functioning Krana!) You can find Both Bohrok and Krana available for sale online, or at local stores thirteen years ago.

Step 2: Remove the Krana from the first Bohrok
To do this, you must firmly grasp the eyes of the Bohrok and press down. Make sure not to do so too fast, or else the shield on the head will fly forward and bash you in the aviators. Once the shield has popped open, gently(but firmly) grasp the Krana and pull it out. Be careful, the thick layer of slime it's covered in will make it slippery. Place the Krana on a sanitary surface.

Step 3: Repeat step two, except on the second Bohrok
If you performed step two with ease, this next one will be a cake walk! Please refer to step two to perform this step.

Step 4: Put the Krana back into the opposite Bohrok
Place the Krana from the first Bohrok into the second one and click the shield back into place. Then do the same, except with the other Bohrok and Krana.

Step 5: Pat yourself on the back!
You've successfully performed a Bohrok Brain Surgery! Congratulations!

(Risebell cannot be held accountable for any potential injuries sustained by any Bohrok, Krana or staff during this operation if you follow these steps.)


Holy Gadunka! It's so clear now! So I DIDN'T need that hacksaw?

Whelp, time to go onto bricklink, I've got some parts to replace.


Grabs time machine

lets' do this.



When this canister hits 88 miles per hour...


GJ Rise.


Proof reading? What's that?


I will sue the blue mask of your moc because you killed all my bohrok




Can you help me make quick money help me sue @Kahi

Wow! The process is so simple! Why didn't I think of this!

Yo Rise, do you think if I try something similar on a Toa or something it will end with a similar result?

slash ess

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This explains the hmmm from the club.

Well, don't attempt this without having the proper assistance. I had a group of matoran as my nurses, and that did not end well. Two of them are now in a psychiatric ward mumbling about cleaning everything. Instead, I recommend other humans.


instructions unclear got my waist down stuck in a giant toaster.

I'm too lazy to read text tutorials. Can you pl0x do this in video form?

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Well, um, contribution to the topic, yaaaaaaaa...

...Actualy, in (semi)seriousness and not just spamming a great turtorial I rate clean_it_all_it_must_be_cleaned/9...

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Oh no, did I miss a step?

my krana are slimeless.... is this a problem?


Let it be known that you were responsible if you ever hear about a mysterious brain-transplanter attacking civilians.

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Instructions unclear, island not cleaned.