RISING SONS- Chapter 2 preview

This is the beginning of the next chapter, it shifts focus 1/2 a month later to when Stoax finally awakens after his crash

Chapter 2- Recovery

1/2 month later...

My vision was a hazy, an intense, bright blue that stung my eyes, as though I were staring straight on at the sun. Were it not for the dense sensation of whatever surface I was on, I'd have believed this to be the great beyond; Thank the Great Beings this wasn't so; now I could get up and fix this mess of a situation- if my limbs would help to prop me up that is. No matter how hard I force them to bend, with all the power, all the clenching possible, I just couldn't. Finally I decided to collapse, a slight vibration surging through my limbs as I lie, boiling with frustration. What was the big deal? Had the Order of Mata Nui caught me? Was I imprisoned, waiting to be subjected to interrogation then executed? The questions could only build as I compress my head into whatever I was resting upon, the muffled sounds of two people conversing ringing in my head. I could hardly make out what they were saying, though my breathing had become gradually deeper as a pressure compressed my body with feelings of anxiety and rage. Despite my uncertainties towards who these people may be though, I felt a cry for help slowly scraping up my throat with a chalky consistency. No attempts to swallow it are made as it wedges its way out my mouth croakily, "Ch-Chelen.... Chelena.... Minera.. S-someone, just... get me outta.. here".

As I try to breath in harder for an ever louder cry, all the energy in me seems to just let out. I can only hope that my friends are nearby as my vision blurs once more. It is seconds later though that a sensational pain ripples thorough my head, such a finger clenching agony that makes me take the immobility of my limbs for granted. A series of unbearable buzzes amplify the pain, sounding as though a pair of claws were scraping rock. I'd rather deal with the banging of carvers picks in Artakha than this retched noise. As if they weren't enough the screeches start to become the words a deep and staticky voice, loudly demanding one thing, "Get u..u..up! Ge...ge...get up!" Was my minds playing tricks on me, or was the Order finding certain ways to interrogate me in my half conscious state? I'd believe both, for now visions of a dark blue Hau alit with flames started to appear, growing brighter and brighter until I could swear I was blinded by such intense light; engulfing me with such aggressive force, such burning hatred and anger it seemed to have.

Once more the voice barked at me to get up as the intense white light faded and returned to the soft blue I saw when I first awoke, though this was soon obscured by a lime green object that drew closer and closer and.....