River King (Bio-Cup 2022 Preliminary Round Entry)

Master of his domain; from the shallows to the sky.

Originally based on a Sandhill Crane, but ended up looking like a mix of a bunch of different large river birds.

Goofy pose

Kind of had a creative block for this round and couldn’t come up with any neat ideas, so just decided to challenge myself and build a bird, which I hadn’t done before. Came out kind of goofy looking, hopefully that adds to the charm. I wish I was able to incorporate more actual Bionicle and CCBS into it, but the scale proved a lot trickier that I thought it would.

More Photos:
Brickshelf Gallery

Comments and constructive criticism welcome!


oooo wow this is one of my favs
nice work!

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I love the use of the balloon piece as a stomach!

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Ooh I really like the use of parts on this! Very nice job.

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nice bird

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Thanks, glad you like it!

Thank you, it was the first piece I picked when building the body and it just felt too perfect not to use.




That beak is brilliant.


That doesn’t look like a Kakapo.

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