Roark The Ranger

Due to the fact that I am new to the message boards: am I doing this right? I've not been involved in any message boards at all, for that matter. Here's Roark, Roark is the Ranger. He's the dishonorable warrior-Toa who's job it is to ensure the survival of the Toa throughout a perilous time.
Roark carries with him a two-pronged horizontal sword (yes, it is inspired by the Halo Energy Sword) which he may also use to fire bolts of his elemental iron energy.
Oh yeah, I forgot, he is a Toa of Iron.

Roark has a special overcharged heartlight. It's synthetic.

Ah yes. Legs are non-purist (impurist?) .

Swapped elbow placement for this shot. Just a heads up.

Like I said, lemme know if I'm doing anything "wrong" as far as these message boards go, as I'm relatively clueless.
Naturally, I'd LOVE criticism. I don't think I have to tell TTV fans, but just in case:
Keep it clean. Keep it civil. The Superintendent's orders ;D


A guy who uses a black Miru is a guy I like. Cool Moc.


Hehe, too right. thanks!

I don't see anything wrong with your post, same goes for the MOC. I love the build and the colour scheme and black Mirus are probably the coolest looking masks ever.


I have a single critique, the spikes sticking out from his sides look odd compared to how smooth the rest of his design is,

other than that, this is great, maybe balance the colors a little better, with more keetorange in the arms, or less in the legs, but that's just a small color fix that isn't even necessary.

good job.

The idea was for his central body to be barbed, akin to barbed wire, but I absolutely see what you mean. Thank you very much!

Dang, this is a cool MOC. Nice color scheme, good overall design.

Perhaps you could add some spikes to the shoulder pads to even it out? It looks like that wouldn't be too hard. :slight_smile:


I was going to say that.

also, I think making the feet black would fix the color balance.

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but that'd ruin the nice boot-effect Roark has going

also I just realized the name of this MOC:

then he should add a bit more keetorange to the upper body, like I suggested, either or.

Roark V1 was posted on MOCPages 6 months ago. I feel satisfied that somebody finally got the reference. Yes, Roark is a headstrong Ranger much akin to that Roark is a headstrong gym leader (and miner- iron? Get it? Hehe). ^_^

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huh. so that's what Verak would've looked ;ike if I had skill.

That is an awesome color scheme you got there, awesome build, and I liked the weapon having two forms like you did there. My only advice is to figure out a way to make the arms bend properly so you can make that pose you had at the end where you had to switch the arms around for. But vastly overall great moc!

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It's great man! Love dat color scheme.

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First Halo related MOC on the Boards! Congratulations, my friend.

I think I liked this on MOCpages without a comment.

I'll let that speak for itself.

(dem skinny limbs tho)

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Its pretty cool

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So I'm no longer the only one

Things just got interesting

But does it not create the impression he is a normal person, just wearing armor? Roark has "destined" armor, similar to the infamous Golden Armor, or so the aesthetic I wanted to give him. Don't worry, I'm not going to give you some silly spiel about "story significance".

Thanks all <3



What? Why was my post flagged?

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Multiple posting (Double posts, etc...) are allowed in Creative content if they count as updates. E.g. an update to the original post.

You're posts were a reply and as such were flagged for double posting as it didn't class as an update to the original post.

Edit; I sympathise also, its a very odd rule to allow certain styles of post and not others