Roatrius: The Flame

“When the Arkship Mata Nui returned to the world of the Builders, and its crew integrated into the new society developed there, the new Builder civilisation created new Toa to act as warrior protectors,”

“Unlike the true Toa, these beings were not spirits of the elements, but could wield limited elemental powers. The benefit was that these Toa were less influenced by their element,”

"To compensate for their lesser elemental powers, these Toa Neo were given more powerful Kanohi.

Roatrius wears the Kanohi Aki, Great Mask of Valor, recreated in the shape of the Avohki, and wields twin lava blades that can form a lava board,"

A small redesign to one of my older builds, with a colour scheme and distribution meant to evoke the Toa Mata


this design feels so strongly from the 2013-2015 era of MOCs


I think that’s about when I first developed the core of this design, and I wanted to stick with the general vibe. It was a fun era