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Here's a topic for the game that a lot of us love, hate, meh. The Roblox Topic where you can talk about games and hats, or if you're like me and love talking about how much you dislike roblox ODers and Fedoras, also getting ODers mad to the point of rage quitting.

(I'm going to hate myself for making this topic)

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it sucks
the end


The game in a nutshell stuck_out_tongue

I kind of like it myself (even though Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and Blockland are superior). The only thing that bothers me is the community on ROBLOX.

Ya that is the main thing about Roblox that a lot of people don't like, with them yelling for hats and copying good games in Roblox (even copying other games). Also the biggest thing, swag and ODers.

I occasionally play on one specific game because I played it a lot before I got Minecraft, and I'm level 650 or some crap.

But that's only once a year when I feel like having people beg for my help.

Which of course is the general theme when you're 300 levels above everyone else.

I played it a LONG time ago. It wasn't that good.

Here's the Space Soldier hat as an example.


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Well at least that is better then the worst hat of all

DOGE scream


Pile O' Eyes is the worst.

That Doge hat is DECENT compared to this blob.

And yet I own it (got it for free from a gift)....

Nope, sorry but that is better then the annoying thing on the planet.
Also at least it's not... a book?

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Roblocks has roundness in it, which makes it looks very strange and inconstant. Besides, I usually see kids who are 13 or younger playing it, and don't want to pay for Minecraft.


You do know that Roblox was around longer then Minecraft?
Plus there really are people who like the game.

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I used to play it a lot, but that was a long time ago. Kinda burnt out on it.

Oh yeah, and the community sucks.

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Unlike Minecraft, Roblox is a complete sellout.

Ah... Nevermind.

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How is Mojang a sellout?

Hahahaha Just saw an add at the top when i went to the message board homepage.

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I like it just fine. My username on there is Jakura, if anyone wants to friend me. I mostly play Paintball, and a few of their Slender Man games.

EDIT: Oh dear Mata Nui, there's an AD for Roblox on the screen...

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See above

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OoO Holy moly... the invasion's begun.