Robot bounty hunter v2

WARNING: the following is a content heavy post you have been warned!
I posted the the original a while back and a lot has changed
back story: his name vrmoq and he is a fully operational EMOTIVE companion android or F.O.E.C.A (pronounced foesa). He is the only male of his kind so far an was designed to feel compassion for all beings. He originally worked at the humane society in his city but couldn’t concentrate on his job because of how crime ridden the streets were so he joined the police and uses a plasma rifle always set on stun not kill.
On to the moc:

Bonus: head design tutorial for those who want it:


The moc is simple, but the had and gun design are cool.

I mean, not really…

It’s a simple MOC, but it looks nice enough. The shoulders feel very exposed compared to how well everything else is covered up.

I don’t think this is really a “V2”, as he’s so drastically different from his original form. Even his name is different!