Rock Mafia: Rocks

Hello and welcome to Rock Mafia! It’s Mafia, but with rocks!

@Chronicler [ded, villager]
@Ace [ded, villager]
@Oonie [ded, villager]
@Ranaki_Pakewa [ded, villager]
@Omega_Tahu [ded, villager]
@ReeseEH [ded, villager]
@Waj [ded, secret role]
@German [ded, mafia]
@Winterstorm345 [ded, super mafia]
@Leoxander [ded, mafia]
@Sonus [ded, villager]
@YEE [ded, mafia]

#Day 1:
On this night, disaster struck among the rocks of Okoto. One of their members, a real sharp and edged individual, was split in two. That rock was none other than Sonus.

@Sonus, Villager, slain by Mafia.

Since the rocks had no one else to blame, they decided that this act was carried out by the evil plastic rocks that had infiltrated their ranks. The most likely culprits were the rocks located near Sonus:

  • @Invader_Rose was located to Sonus’ left.
  • @Leoxander was located in front of Sonus.
  • @Oonie was located to Sonus’ right.
  • @ReeseEH was located behind Sonus.

With that out of the way, feel free to deliberate and vote. Votes can only be changed 3 times per round, so bear that in mind. Voting ends in ~7 hours, at 6 PM EST.


I think that most likely the the murderer would be the rock right behind Stonus, being ReeseH. This way, they could be unseen from the others surrounding him.


Well, for plastic rocks to have infiltrated us, they’d have to be able to move yes? So the killer might not be anyone present around this rock, however, there is still the possibility. I believe the blow was struck from behind too

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If Sonus was sliced in half
he could’ve been slice horizontally or vertically
but we do not know of this information
but I shall say that Oonie could be the culprit

Since I’m just a rock, shouldn’t there just be two of me then?

I’ll take that as a compliment.


shut up that’s not how this game works DONT QUESTION IT


I agree with Radiation and Winter that the blow was probably struck from behind, since that seems like what an assassin would do. Though I won’t rule out the others, perhaps the splitting in two has some significance? Idk.

My vote for now is @ReeseEH


I am… not sure who to vote for.

It obviously makes the most sense for me to do it since I was behind him. But that also seems too obvious.

I have no idea. I’m gonna vote for @Leoxander because he was on the opposite side of where I was.

But at this point I’m probably dead anyway

Also, do rocks actually have a side that can be considered the front? Rocks don’t have eyes or other sensory organs. How are the rocks able to sense direction in the first place?

Wow, we’re literally living the tale of Rocka Nui.
My petty defense is that if I’m on the right, I’m somehow Sonus’ right-hand man. So why would I kill him? Also, i was speculating based on how he was split, since the direction could potentially rule out two.
If he was split one way, it would indicate the left or right neighbors, the other direction meaning front or back neighbors.


shut up that’s not how this game works DONT QUESTION IT


We will know the culprit if we which way Sonus was cut. For now I vote @ReeseEH. Sorry man.

I see that Reese is saying that it makes the most sense for him to be the killer
but I can now mean that he is personally innocent
I shall stick with my pick of Oonie for now

I shall vote @ReeseEH

Why not Rose? They were on Sonus’ right.

Let’s assume a few things;

as an observer of the scene, we are south of the rocks
we are also facing north towards the rocks
the rocks are facing south toward us
the wind is blowing in it’s most standard direction, from west to east
innocent rocks bleed
the culprit will be redhanded
plastic rocks have hands

This means the wind would blow Sonus’ blood to his left, soaking @Invader_Rose with his innocence juice, thus Invader is redhanded.

I vote @Invader_Rose because why the heck not?

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The lurker lurks lurkily in the background of the mafia game with a bucket of popcorn

I know those not in the game aren’t supposed to comment on who they think did it

but I’m pretty sure Slime did it

he’s quite slimy you know



We can narrow the selection down to two people with one simple question:
@Political_Slime what direction was @Sonus split down? Vertically, or horizontally?


but it’s irrelevant because the direction of the split doesn’t necessarily correspond to the culprit

i never said they split sonus physically

for all you know they could have split sonus with psychic rock powers


“Oh boy this seems fun can’t wait to see the clues.”

Welp since all of us are rocks you can’t really blame people for being quiet.

But rocks don’t bleed mang.

I vote @Oonie because he seems more suspicious to me, especially claiming to be Sonus’s “right hand man” when he was just physically on the right of Sonus. After all, Sonus doesn’t have a lot of friends. Also, rocks don’t have hands, so we should conclude Oonie is full of plastic.


I mean, that was the joke.

I have no real evidence to base a first vote on, so I came up with a silly reasoning to pick someone who hadn’t been voted for yet.