Rocka mech/ Rocka 4.0 XL MOC

Rocka Mech

this was origionally a rocka 4.0 xxl but I modified it and made it into a invasion from below mech.
his blaster isn’t straigt copied from rocka 4.0 but slightly altered so that the blades can turn around to become a weapon. gaps didn’t bother me because it is a mech.

hope you like it. remember don’t hate because it’s hero factory :wink:


I really like it.The claw arm is cool, as is the arm on the torso, but I feel like the legs are a bit too long.

I like this and I don’t even like Hero Factory.
Well done, good sir.

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thx, the legs look probably to long because the feet are a alot higher

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I feel like if you shortened the upper legs it would look better.

aside from that, nice.

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awesome MOC! I disagree with @Payinku due to how much more…practical it seems in a fight.