Rocket Wizard

I built this a while ago but never posted it. I decided that I needed to post it, so I did. Not my best, but eh.

With teamate Knightly Mecha

The pilot is obviously in the safest spot, right above the highly volatile rocket.

I was told I should add legs or something similar, but then it wouldn’t stand as well.

Comments and Critique welcome, and enjoy!


I really like this!

This is one of the best system mocs I have ever seen.

Just when I thought it wasn’t a mech… anyways nice moc.


Nice, I like the awesome wizard hat.

This looks really cool :thumbsup:
But it could use a little more black

The design here is smart and ends up looking very slick. The concept is executed well, especially with the skirt bits. And I love the creativity it has!

This is cool.

For some reason I didn’t expect a pilot.

Gandalf and his mech.

How to hide if it is a mech or not. Put it in your skirt.