Rockho's BIONICLE MOC: Battera

This is my interpretation of the Silent Death of Bara Magna ; The Baterra

Saw Blade spins

Spooky face on the back

Baterra with Battera Prime.

Comments, criticism, feedback?

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Interesting with the legs how you used Matoran limbs.

This MOC is so bizarre, and I like it for that. It kinda does look like a Battera (at least from what I've read) and the weapons and overall build is interesting.


Not bad, but I'm not a fan of the legs. They look....awkward.

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Didn't say I was a FAN of them. I just found it interesting.

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Pretty cool looking. I like the saw blade, but the red is out of place. The head is also cool.


he uh
seems awfully chubby for a deadly killer robot.


Baterra in the comics:

Very nice job.


Since the Baterra are supposed to be prototype versions of the Bohrok, I thought it would be fitting to make them...rotund.

Is it the Matoran limbs that bother you? I did that to make him more robotic-looking.


I actually like the torso, what gets me is the limbs. They seem skinny when compared to the rest of the MOC. Like, it doesn't look like they could hold up the Battera's weight. confused

Also, I'm not a fan of the different colors on that spinny-shield-saw-thing.

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Yes. It is the matoran limbs.

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I tried to make it look like a prototype version of the Bohrok; big round body, with skinny/small limbs (they don't look that skinny to me...I added CCBS shells and everything...)

3/5 not enough blue stuck_out_tongue

What do you mean "not enough blue"?

Just a joke, referring to the picture above where the Battera have blue in the color scheme.

I didn't like/replicate that interpretation of the Baterra because they looked more like heavily armored brutes rather than stealthy assassin bots. If you want to see a replication of that here you go;

Made by ForceLegacy on Deviantart.