Rockho's BIONICLE MOC: Leviathan

Behold, the monstrous one-eyed Shadow Leech rock monster, Leviathan

Trans Blue parts are supposed to represent fused Shadow Leeches while Trans Green parts are supposed to represent swamp/plantlife decay.

Despite how bulky and wide he may seem, he has plenty of articulation and balance, thanks to his double joints and friction joints

Back shot. Note the hidden green zamor spheres that he stores on his back. Those are supposed to represent concentrated blobs of swamp sludge

He can shoot them from his left hand

Rock Monsters unite!

Feedback, criticism, and improvements are always appreciated!


great moc. Really like the smooth parts and the fusion of plantlife and shadow leeches. I also like the colors and it's size

Oh no not that good guy!

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This guy actually looks really awesome.At first,i didn't see the head,and when i saw it,i thought that it was kinda weird that it stayed where,you know, our "thing" stays,but now i started to really like the design.Great moc overall


Glow in the dark pieces- 100398388893094/5


I like the spots of blue smile

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Interesting use of the mace piece.

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I absolutely love this moc, it's so bloody cool. The colour scheme is weird and wacky, the concept is fantastic and you can really feel the weight of the MOC - usually very tricky to do. I LOVE the big arms, I think they fit perfectly.

(also, nice use of the mace, it really does look like a shadow leech)


Behold! The Fearsome hulking Stomach-eyed Leviathan!

I like what you did with the color scheming (worked better as intended with the Takadox pieces over the CCBS), but I'm personally not sure if the stomach maceface was the way to go.


stomach? Nah, it's probably a hunchback. Also this moc reminds me of stuff from Darksiders...

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I always love MOCs with this aesthetic.

I'm not a fan of the shoulders or the elbows (although the elbows is just a nitpick, IMO) because they seem quite exposed and don't really fit the overall aesthetic of the MOC. I absolutely love the rest of the MOC, though. It has a great colour scheme and you've used that mace piece in a really interesting way. smiley

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I'm not a big fan of them either, and I tried covering them up with armor, but it would just hinder the articulation. :confused:

The overall design was heavily inspired by this video game boss;


He looks pretty good, but I feel like Golem or Colossus would be a better name, given the whole rock monster motif. The term Leviathan is usually used for sea monsters, particularly serpents.