Rockho's BIONICLE MOC: The Toa of Time

Thought that Vakama retrieved the Vahi after his battle with Teridax? Think again!

When the Vahi got lost in the Silver Sea, it drifted along the ocean currents, and ended up stranded on the Northern Continent. A wise De-Matoran found the mask, and curious, he put it on.

The moment the mask touched his face, his body became engulfed by a bright, blinding light. He started to scream in agony as his limbs began to stretch and lengthen to that of a Toa. Another matoran, upon seeing his friend in distress, tackled him to the ground, but then his body merged with the half-formed Toa, and this monstrosity was born

With the body and mind of two, this mutant of a Toa was ostracized by the population, and they even tried to kill him, thinking that he was some type of Makuta.

However, living a life of solitude does have its quirks. For years spent alone, this Toa learned that since he possessed the mind of two beings, he could have better mental control over the powers of the Mask of Time, and even unlocked its time traveling abilities.

With the new-found power of time travel now at his disposal, he could now foresee future catastrophies, and stop them in advance, such as the arrival of the powerful Lehvak-Kal Nebula

However, the Toa of Time could not prevent everything, for he knew that the Toa Mata would need the Mask of Time in order to stop the awakening of the Bahrag. Thus, he took off his mask and placed it in the Silver Sea where he found it, and where it would drift back to Vakama so he could give it to the Toa when they arrived

Feedback, criticism, and improvements are always appreciated


Cool moc. Nice story. 8/8. No real complaints.


I really like the spikes on the back, they fit in well.

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The two spikes protruding from his back/shoulders are supposed to be “wings” so he can easily navigate through worm holes in the space-time continuum.

I like a lot of your mocs,

this is not one of them.

it’s a rather ugly construction, and looks almost thrown together.
though the color scheme is alright, the balance is way off(why you’d make a character with a gold “mask” mostly gray-scale is beyond me).

then there’s the destruction of continuity you created to make this thing exist(the vahi doesn’t contain the ability to travel through time, or toa power, and don’t get me started on the toa transformation itself).
needless to say your other work is better.

that said, I really do like your other mocs.


Ugly? Thrown together? From what I see, I displaced the spikes pretty well, and even though the armor placement is asymmetrical, I think it looks alright. Not blatantly ugly. There are many other MOCs deserving of being called ugly. Also, the custom body allows shoulder articulation to make up for lack of elbows. What specific constructional aspects of this MOC displeases you?

The Golden Mask of Time is suppost to be the main emphasis of the MOC, thus I really wanted it to stand out.

In my headcanon, the Vahi has the potential to allow time travel, since, and I quote from BS01; “The Kanohi Vahi is one of the three most powerful Kanohi in the Matoran Universe, as it is incredibly difficult to fully control, even for a Makuta. The mask is so powerful that if damaged, it leaks its powers out, meaning that to destroy the mask would destroy the fabric of time itself within the Matoran Universe”.

This to me, states that the Vahi has total control, or at least has a major influence over the fabric of time itself, and the powers it gives to its users is limited to only the user’s own mental and spiritual strength, and not limited to the mask itself. Therefore, if a being has the power to control the Vahi 100%, it would technically give the user a major influence on the fabric of time, and through years of practice and dedication, the Vahi can be used to eventually allow limited time travel, if not they would at least be able to send their astral form forwards or backwards through time similar to the Kanohi Iden.

This is all based on speculation and should not be taken as “destruction of continuity” or as a fact.

Please do so. Enlighten me.

As long as you provide in-depth reasoning as to why you think this is ugly to you, i’m okay with that.


the arms that don’t match the build of the rest of the moc,
the lower legs that just look odd, with open sockets on the bottom of the feet,
the random blue pins stuck to his legs,
the single trans socket(though I’m sure your reasoning is “it’s part of the weapon”),
the black feet dispite the rest of the moc barely having any black.
also the asymmetrical parts and placement of them make him look like he lives in a scrapyard, more so on the legs.
also, personal preference, but I never liked that nuva shoulder “mask” look,
and considering the vahi traveled through the ocean to get to him, and rusted orange in the time between canon uses, you could have used the phantoka kakama as his mask with a touch of orange elsewhere instead.

[quote=“Rockho, post:6, topic:7486”]
Please do so. Enlighten me.
[/quote]in order for an object to tranform a matoran into a toa, it must be imbued with toa power(E.G. toa stones, the Avohkii, etc), the vahi does not have this power in it, therefore there is no way for it to transform a matoran into a toa.

as for the transformation itself, Matoran don’t experience extreme pain during it(to my knowledge, and I can’t find any info to the contrary on BS01),

a De-matoran would become a toa of sonics, not time(regardless of the mask),
and the transformation would not fuse two matoran together, it’s the mask of time, not the mask of life.

also, toa power cannot do this either, now, there are artifacts that can fuse beings together, vezon’s staff being a prime example, but the vahi does not have this power, nor does toa power.


I tried. Multiple times. It never worked.

I did that for extra drama effect. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you know?

(I got inspiration for the whole matoran fusion thing from this…skip to 10 second mark for my reasoning)

Plenty of the points that you do bring up however, I do agree with, so thanks for that! :smile:

But i’ll still stick to this origin story because…it’s unique, from any other Toa.


I honestly don’t like it one bit. The mask is awkward, the colors are awful, and the design is misshapen. As for the story, it kinda spits in the face of canon.
As Yink said, I like a lot of your MOCs, but this is not one of them.


wait, so your inspiration is something from another unrelated series?

[quote=“Rockho, post:8, topic:7486”]
How do you know?
[/quote]because a toa transformation isn’t a mutation like that brain attack moc is, it’s closer to a metamorphosis, and why would that even be a feature of it?

there’s a reason for that.

it makes no canonical sense.


ok so looking at the actual moc its say its pretty good but the blue does sorta kill it :confused:

There are plenty of other things in the Bionicle Storyline that make no sense, just like any other fictional universe.

Who am I kidding, i’m dry on rebuttals. I surrender

Say that to his face jk


Alright. Toa of Time, you suck.


Actually, I found his REAL design online, y’know, theone Rockho was planning to use, but lost and had to compensate with.

KylerNuva helped him out.


What heck, @Mistuh_Grammaticul?!

I never designed this generic knight in shining armor!

I stuck with my original design since the start, beacuse I never wanted him to be buff, huge, or ■■■■■■.

A hero doesn’t have to have those qualities. Even though my design may be ugly and misshapen to some, he is still one of my favorite MOCs, because sometimes, awkwardness, and a quirky design can help define a character, and that’s what makes him unique and stand out from any other big, bulky Toa.


I’m joking!
In the meantime, I think the MoC is overall great (I’m talking about yours). All it really needs is a change in his mask, though I’d like to see his skeletal form.

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Slight shoulder articulation is enabled from the way I attached his arms to make up for lack of elbows

Notice how I put Chima armor on his shins to attach his add-on plating

“Wing spikes” on his back can become extra arms, Brutaka-style, due to double ball joint connection


Now that’s a Toa of Time!

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you know, without the armor it actually looks more cohesive.

like one of the summer wave villains.