This was just a fun little moc I came up with whilst experimenting with color schemes and funky hands, etc.

Hope you guys enjoyed!
I got a sketchbook, so I’ll hopefully try to fill at least a few pages with half-decent sketches. I have been trying to watch through all of the LOTR movies, so I might try to draw some shtuffs from those.


That’s mighty adorable!

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Hound? This does not like a dog in anyway! Besides the wrong name, GREAT MOC!


I like the usage of the bulk 3.0 helmet, good MOC, keep it up!

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The use of the wolf head as a body is really creative, and the whole thing is pretty cute. Keep up the good work!

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It’s just a name.
It’s not actually a dog. My mom came up with it, and it sounded good.

This looks really nice. I’d love to see how the hand is built.

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I can post a tutorial if you’d like.

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Yes please.