Roden, Corrupted Toa of Light

Roden was once a regular Toa of Light. However, when his team was battling Makuta on Destral, his team got defeated and were taken hostage by the Makuta. Roden, the leader, was taken away by the Makuta as a test subject for a shadow virus that was going to be injected into the shadow leeches. He was injected with the shadow virus, but while it was in the process of corrupting him, he regained consciousness and defeated the Makuta. The virus completely corrupted the right side of his body and left a tangible impact on his mind. It amplified his negative qualities tenfold, making him very prone to vicious outbursts of anger. The virus is constantly trying to take over his mind, making it a daily struggle for him to live. As a result of the infection, he gained the element of shadow through his right arm. His Kanohi Kiril was once a melded white and gold mask, but it got poisoned and corrupted and turned red and black. His mask infection established a mental link with the Brotherhood, so that they can monitor his every action and thought. If necessary, they can even force kill him at any time.

This is actually one of my very first attempts at incorporating system into a Bionicle MOC, so what do you think about it?

C and C is appreciated! :wink:


Not bad at all. My one suggestion would be to remove the silver/light grey from the MOC, and either add more trans orange highlights or remove it entirely. Basically just unify the color scheme a bit. Overall I quite like this, though, especially the weapon.



If I had a K2S0 I definitely would’ve replaced the silver 2015 add-on on his chest with the black one, and I would’ve done the same if I had a black or gold metru chest armor with me.

As for the trans-orange highlights, however, I only have 2 trans orange Bohrok eyes available (both from Ikir), and a lot of my trans orange clip pieces are broken or very loose.

I’m speaking in past tense because I scrapped this MOC not long after I finished taking pics of it.