Roken, The last Chronicler

Yes I know, same gripes from Necrome are expected in this one, but I don't have the parts to fix that yet, I also know that most chroniclers are Matoran, but things get really dangerous and the position has been transfered to toa for the matorans sake, at least in my world. I also made him look like Tahu 2015, cause I thought the blades on the back were really neat.


hm.. those protector chests look out of place on the shoulders and lower legs... otherwise it seems simple and fine enough


For some reason I like my characters to have big shoulders and boot-like thing on them.

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The Keetorange hands on his waist look odd. The head looks too small and exposed; give him a small helmet or visor or something...


shoulders I can get... the feet... Feel like it's unnecessary, unless you make the entire bottom of the lower legs and feet gold

He doesn't have Keetorange on him at all @Rockho

@JMP It was either give him some armor, or leave them bare for me.

Then what color are the hand pieces on his lower torso?

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OOHH! Those, I read it wrong, it was to contrast all the red on his back, he has a lot of red on his back.

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may I suggest trying to find gold feet(Piraka or HF), that could help...

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I like it, there is such thing as to much gold.

Is Necrome is till around? If so A picture of them together could be cool...

Already put one up on Google+ if you're on there. @EvilLobsterKing

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Cool, they do look good together...

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More pics please stuck_out_tongue
I can't really judge from just one pic.

Head: Surprisingly fitting.

Shoulders: Pull off the intended look. I like.

Torso: Not bad, though I can't say I'm a fan of the Inika armor.

Legs: Hoboi

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