Roleplay: Hallownest Rises (SignUps)

Hi everyone.I wanted to try out a roleplay.So what better way than to start with a Hollow knight roleplay!
Basic rules,no godmoding,aimboting,etc.
NOTE:if ANY of these rules have been broken more then once,the character will die SPECTACULARLY and the player will be exempt from the game.
ANOTHER NOTE:You can make another character,but please,try to only make a few.
ANOTHER NOTE:If you have not played Hollow Knight or not finished/don’t know the ending this one uses,i recomend not playing until you figure it out.
Taking place a year after the Dream No More ending of Hollow Knight,
Dirtmouth is struggling to survive.The Darkest reaches of the Abyss has opened,
With horrifying creatures emerging from within.The Grimm troupe has taken up residence within dirtmouth,and has started to help fight these strange creatures.
You’ve either wandered through here,finding yourself in dirtmouth,or perhaps a new resident of dirtmouth,or even a member of the Grimm Troupe.
However,no matter how you came here,you must delve deep into hallownest,enter the abyss,and seal away the rift.I
Name: your name.
Bug type:what kind of bug are you.
There are a few types: 1.vessel.little creature part of the void. 2.grimmkin. creatures who collect the scarlet flame of ruined civilization. 3. Beekin. You are one of many.You are able to call upon the hive itself.
4.beetle. Your resistant shell allows you to defend your self against enemies.
Backstory: how did you come into hallownest?

Approved characters:

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You might want to include a signup sheet for players to fill out.

How do I do that?wait nevermind I get it

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You would include something like this in the sign up topic:






Including something like this gives a good framework when players make their characters, and allows for you as the GM to get a good idea as to who the characters are and if they should be approved.

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