Roller coasters and theme park rides

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t get my fill of thrills from horror movies or team sports, I ride a good coaster. The biggest/most intense I’ve done is Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. I’d probably do something a bit bigger but I haven’t had the chance


I don’t watch horror movies either, so roller coasters are a nice thrill for me. My personal favourite is the hanglider ride at canada’s wonderland.

Nice. I’ll have to look up a first person view video for it


I love me a good roller coaster!

I used to hate loops, but after I did some in a simulated coaster machine I actually really love them now!

Can’t recall the biggest coaster I’ve ever been on, but some of my favorites include Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Disney World, Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot, and Loch Ness Monster from Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, and The Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood!

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Oh my dad freakin loves RockinRollerCoaster! I like it too, but he LOVES it. Loops are fun.


Only sad thing about it is that it’s so short. Seriously, the ride is like, seconds long, maybe a minute max! :laughing:

The hype is really worth it though. You start out going 0 to 60 in like, 2 seconds, it’s a really intense anticipation!

It’s 0-55(it only goes up to 55) in 0.3

EDIT: the Everest drop is eighty feet, and the backwards corkscrew in the dark is almost 50

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I hate roller coasters.

I hate you

jk but that’s still bad

I have an unreasonable fear of heights.


but at the same time go step on a lego

Been there, done that.

honestly, who hasn’t?

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People I like