Romance In Brickonicle? [POLL]

I agree with you as I would like to see more charater growth and development, and this is just a new way to do it.

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We're talking about the identity of a franchise here. Bionicle isn't simply drama, and whatever drama there is really serves only to advance the plot.

That example is a direct improvement to the dynamic because it makes the relationship of the Toa more organic, more human. Love doesn't advance that, it just sort of happens.

My point is that there's not really a way to work romance into Bionicle and have it add anything. Not unless it's a very different story being written. Yeah, maybe it could work, but there's not a particular reason to go ahead with it because it doesn't make the dynamic more interesting. It just happens.

So it messes with the team dynamic. That's what you do when you change anything; you mess with it.

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I'm okay with romance between the toa and between the matoran, but I can see why some would think it's a bad thing.

To those people you know who you are (and so does the poll) , I suggest a possible persuasion point:

Can we at least make the Toa flirt?

It doesn't have to be in the first year, as some have stated already, but I think it would at least be beneficial in humorous terms, per say.

And no one can deny that G1 at least hinted at Toa x Toa (Matau x Nokama, for example). And I would say it worked out rather well. It never invaded the plot, and, in the given example, it actually provided funny moments that, at least to me, helped bring some comic relief into the story.

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I see that as being kind of a separate thing from actual romance. People flirt with each other all the time - it doesn't necessarily mean you want to have a relationship with the other person. It's basically just a means of getting across "you're cute" or "do you think I'm cute?" without actually saying the words. And it also doesn't really affect the story in the slightest. The effect on fanfic is a different story.

In which case, I could see Lewa (be they male or female in G3) flirting constantly. But TBH, it's not really something that should have a lot of thought put into it.


I am 100% for Toa relationships, not poorly written or forced ones. However I feel it adds far more of then it subtracts, and I agree with Jon wholeheartedly.

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I think most people seem to agree with what Jon said. Romance should be allowed to blossom in it's fullest, but never forced or made their main characteristic.

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I think there's no reason to put in a rule saying romance is or isn't allowed between certain characters. If the characters are well-developed, written, and adhered to, romances may end up developing naturally and that's not something that should be automatically ruled out. However, I still think that it's unlikely that we're ever going to see any romance among the Toa for at least the first two years of the line for one simple reason:

They're busy with other things. Specifically, saving the Matoran.

If the Toa's mission is of world-saving importance, I don't think it is illogical to see them as a kind of elite military force. The effort involved in completing the tasks associated with that status going to override attempts at romantic relationship for them for the time being. Only if there is a 'break in the action' for the Toa, a period of time during which they don't have an imminent threat to chase after and fight, could I see them turning their attention to other things. Who knows, maybe some of them do enter into a romantic relationship, either with another of the Toa of with a Matoran (after all, other than the greater elemental powers of the Toa, I doubt physical differences are going to be great between them and the Matoran) to live in and enjoy the world that they've just worked to save the way many of us would like to do it: with someone else. Maybe they even choose to raise a child; if so, what does that do to the stakes these Toa are facing if they are called upon again for their 'military service,' to defend the Matoran from whatever evil has arisen since the last was defeated? I think there's meaningful ideas that could be explored there, somewhere far down the line.


Height differences would make things awkward IMO... but these are minifigs we're talking about, and the short-legged minifigs aren't that much shorter than the normal height minifigs.

Still feels kinda awkward, lol.


What is love?

Baby don't hurt me

Don't hurt me

No more


No romance between Toa please.

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I'd prefer it if it were just the Matoran who could have relationships with each other. Wouldn't it affect the Toa's duty if 2 of them were in a relationship?

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i personally am for the toa being able to have romance.

and i agree with what Jon said here:

its bad romance that gave us stuff like this:


True that.

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Really I don't care much but really I just say do what you want so if you want romance and such go for it, just don't go overboard, really I wouldn't be to surprised to see a bit of it, why wouldn't there be? They all have specific genders and interact with each other quite a bit, heck even mask of light had a small bit of this in it, so really, just go for it.

I do not want love with the Toa EVER!! If we're suppose to take the heroes seriously, we can't have them ship each other.

so, heroes in stories should never be able to love ever.

is that what i'm supposed to take from this?


but xephix,
maybe love can bloom on the battlefield?


Replying to all the battlefield love and whatever, I feel like Star Wars gives us two examples, one where it works and one where it fails.
In the prequel trilogy, as mentioned before, the romance between Anakin and Padme was told pretty horrendously, and this is coming from someone who is and always will be a Prequel fan. It kind of came out of nowhere, Hayden Christenson and Natalie Portman didn't have any real chemistry, and the romance was only there to further the plot. Granted, it was redeemed in the Clone Wars TV show, but that's beside the point. That is how romance fails in story-telling.
Now how it works. In the Original Trilogy, the budding romance of Han and Leia worked really well, and it was on a battlefield, so that works too. They didn't fall in love as soon as they met (in fact, they kind of hated each other), and they grew to love each naturally. And it's helped by the fact that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher had a natural chemistry.
Like I said, these are examples of how romance in Brickonicle would or wouldn't work. Only in rare cases do characters fall in love immediately and it's told well, so I like the idea of not really having any in the first year. But I feel like it would be a natural progression for some of the characters through the story.
But that's just my two cents.


oh, heck!

completely forgot that friggin' MACROSS exists.

love story set against a brutal war? yep.

seriously, want a good example of a relationship set during war time, @Xephix?

Go watch the macross dub, and Tell Me that you don't take any of the main characters seriously.

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Why can't love remain non-canon? :stuck_out_tongue:

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