Romance In Brickonicle? [POLL]

I'm not interested in romantic drama between the Toa. Leave it canon, but keep it to the Matoran exclusively.


they'll always have a bromance, if it'll make ya feel any better.

Yes, it does make me feel better...

I dunno man, LEGO needs to send their products overseas, and cargo or airmail seems to be the only options


tbh, this is TTV's boat to float, and if they puncture the romantic life raft then one more escape route for the line disappears. Be that as it may, I don't think relationships should ever, in any way become part of the main story at all. Keep them to the side, mildly observed, and never bring them into the spotlight, if you have them on stage at all.


I would like a little MatoranXToa thing (Takua and Gali):wink::heart_eyes::no_entry_sign::gregf:

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Yes, I ship it.

good because the whole ending of MNOG

I agree with this. I think that the Toa are essentially to protecting the universe they reside in, and relationship drama inside the Toa team could potentially do more damage than any villain could ever do. I don't know if I speak for anyone else, but I personally have been in a relationship that ended in a breakup, and the girl refused to talk to me or even look at me when we were around each other. She still doesn't talk to me and that was over a year and a half ago, so if, hypothetically speaking, two Toa in the same team got together and then broke up, it could do catastrophic or even permanent damage to the team, rendering it useless, since we know that teamwork, or "Unity" is an essential element to the Toa's power.

That's not to say that I disagree with romance in Bionicle. I personally enjoyed the MakuXHuki pairing, even if it wasn't canon. I think romance between characters should definitely be considered. I'd agree with relationships between matoran, villains (like the whole sidorak roodaka thing), and even Toa from SEPARATE teams. Heck, you could do relationships between rahi and I'd be fine with it, but my only objection to romance in Bionicle would be relationships between members of the same Toa team (with the exception of characters that already had a relationship and then became toa, like Hahli and Jaller.)

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i'd like a Pohatu x Voriki and if he was'nt 40 onua x lewa

I’m not opposed to Romance existing in some capacity. My own pitches have mentioned it in passing or have otherwise alluded to it (e.g. I pitched Pouks as being the son of a wealthy family before Ahkmou called a hit on them).

Romance has also had several passing mentions in the worldbuilding, e.g. King Matoro fell in love with a commoner who would later mother Izotor/Kopaka over a commoner. I’m assuming the noble woman who was passed up was related to Kualus and that’s his beef with Izotor.

The only time I think a romance has been brought up between two characters so far is between Iruni/Lerahk and Vizuna/Lewa. I don’t think I see Vizuna putting herself out there so soon after what happened, but Kivoda/Gali could be interesting to explore. Consider that Gali has basically lived under the strict traditions of the Naho region. I don’t imagine the Arbiters or the Judicatory tend to marry as a religious class in a matriarchal society.

Religious classes being celibate is really only really a thing in Abrahamic and some Eastern religions.

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I just don't care. What I am more worried now is that people are going to do something stupid because of this weird idea they got about romance in this fictional, not sponsored, not a series. I just want people to write characters, write places and write how they feel. Considering how important other things are in the story line I do not even think we are going to get the time to explore romance outside the: "Yeah, before I was a Toa I was married" and even then. It is more likely that we find out about it as an off hand comment. The most we are going to see is two characters being unusually close to each other. Like Tahu makes a series dumb jokes and Kopaka actually laughs at them or something.

We might not even get to explore the romance at the Lion King depth. Where it was a footnote, let alone at the level of the Notebook. So please, stop worrying. We have other stuff to focus on, we have a barely working world and an incomplete universe to finish. We do not even know what maps are cannon, and how the magic works in this universe.

I think you underestimate the amount of time the series will have to focus on the plot. The idea is that there would be six seasons of at least 10 episodes, and presumably each would be about a third of an hour. That's at least 20 hours worth of content, and that's with me calculating everything at the bare minimum. If the show really focused on it's plot and kept any extraneous details out then it would be done in a lot shorter than that.

Considering the first three episodes have not even covered the original plot, three more episodes to get there, the last three with one being mostly an epic battle. Leaving nine episodes to cover the actual story progression.

Then you have to fit the flashbacks for the actual intro of the characters. When the story starts we do not even know who Tahu is and what he did. but that won't take too much time. That is the first season. Lets say that fine and we fit all that in the first season. Lets take a look at the second season. Now we have to cover a newly introduced character, Makuta. The civil war and how it got started, then progress that pot line while keeping track of Makuta's plans to use the brainwashed Toa. Then halfway or near the end we have to introduce the theme for the third and last act.Maybe adding an explanation on the three brothers if not just mere foreshadowing that they are not the only ones, one is cray-cray and that the "good" one was not as good as people thought. Which granted takes less time than the entire flashback set up for the first season. Then again this is the first time Matoran are going to be able to interact with their new Toa so we have that to deal with too. Tahu's arc and if he finishes his penance in this season or the next one. Kopaka's arc and what he will do as a Toa and a king, specially since he know little on how to govern and certainly does not have the emotional strength to "replace" his father, as well as the problems a Toa king can cause given how much power they have. Onua has to deal with loss, mayeb a death in his family as well as his unwillingness to fight on the war, and has to finds growth on it. Gali has to deal with fanatics or separatists. As well as her dilemma on a civil war considering she values unity, so she might have to help the Toa reconcile. Pahatu's arc, he has to deal with his trainer and finding that the entire frozen island was a bigger conspiracy (maybe), how fractured his region is, and how he has to maybe unite the interest of the merchant kings into the war. His entire region faces a big problem of unity. The merchant kings care about profit, they do not like each other. The entire region is in no condition to go into a war. So Pohatu has to make them ready while dealing with his trainer. Then you have Lewa. Which I have no clue were to start. She has to deal with her former "friend" being now an enemy and a monster. Returning to a society that idolizes her, being considered maybe a threat by the government and taking responsibility of being a Toa. Granted some of these can go to the third season, but this leaves little time for the Toa to interact properly in the second season A, leaving most of the romance developing on the second season B, Considering mos of them are strangers to each other, true romance is not a thing in season one A or B, maybe attraction. Second season A has no space, as they have to deal with their own region separately. Second season B maybe gets a chance to start it. Leaving actual romance to the third season A and B. If we start building it from first season we can get there for season three. Considering not even a years has passed between the first season A to the second season B.

Considering the transition to the third season was discussed to be an interruption of the civil war by Makuta's army, we can the third season in several ways:

  • Time skip to after the Makuta invasion. Age of darkness, where the Toa are leading a rebellion in the shadows.
  • Continue exactly where we left off. Either Makuta's army joins the fray or it already fought and the Toa have to deal with the results of that fight.
  • Start with how Makuta got an army on the first place (if the army he has are not matoran of his cult.)

Either way this season is the one with the most space to have an actual romance develope, specially because ti allows for timeskips.

On a side note, I just realized second season A and B are going to be political intrigue with little action. I think we have to do it like Captain America: Winter Soldier. I do not have better examples of an action political intrigue story, that has been distributed as a moving picture.

I don't understand the math on this. Nine episodes to cover the story progression of what? Season 1A? That's more episodes than it has. Season 1 as a whole? that's less. There's also the fact that nine episodes is still over three hours. You can fill a lot of development in that time.

I think you overestimate how long a lot of these will take. All of them could be covered in the span of a single episode if they each have one dedicated to them. There's also the fact that some of this would be developed in Season 1B, as that would also involve the Toa interacting with the island and the setup for the Civil War.

I'd say they're not quite strangers by the time of Season 1B, maybe not quite true friends, but I imagine there would still be a bit of development of their relationships with each other in Season 1A.

I'm not even really arguing for romance here, I'm just saying that the argument that it shouldn't happen because it would be extraneous and take away from other things doesn't quite hold up.

I see, Well my argument was we are not really going to have time to set it up properly. Less than it is going to take away from thing, however I can see how both side are pretty much the same.

I still stand that this entire discussion is arguably pointless and that we should focus on more pressing matters like finishing the story bible, if not the basic for the setting and deciding how we want the protagonists to grow. Considering that theme of the entire theme, we are mainly an action theme. Romance comes secondary when it can be properly developed and when all the other important points for the story and theme are properly developed.

I understand why people want to have this discussion my main argument is saying that right now we are getting side tracked on something that is not relevant to the main theme of the series. We need to:

  1. Finish the setting. Which includes:
    a. Finishing the map and regions of the island
    b. Finish with each regions' details. Like how do they prepare for war, what are their usual commercial activities. How do the borders between regions work and look like? Are they like a fusion of elements or clashing elements? Where is the war taking place? Is it one single battle or a bunch of battles? Setting the rules for the powers. Reproduction.
  2. Finish the character arcs. In other words:
    a. What do we want each character to experience and learn?How will they learn that?
    b. What are the message we try to communicate from each arc?
  3. Finish the story arcs. Like what is the underlying message from the theme? What happens on the third arc? Most of what I wrote there was just basic assumptions based on the little this season has been discussed. Why did Makuta want a civil war again? and why did he interrupted the war with his army? Too little has been written as cannon that I can no longer remember what was discussed and rejected and what is actually favored.

Even if all of this is easily solved by writing the episodes of the seasons, we still only have three, at most four, episodes of the first season A. Where no new romance can be developed nor explored. Leaving us with the Lewa thing and the Onua family. Which to be honest has little to do with this poll, because the Lewa thing happened so long and my guess is that she at least moved on. While the Onua thing is more focused on as a backstory thing instead of the romantic aspects of it. Both are attempts at fleshing the characters in a way that explains and introduces them, and less about the actual relationship. Basically the first 30 min of the Titanic (1997) movie.

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Sure, but I think we should probably do all that before starting on the story at all, and it's not like romance can't play a role in a character's growth.


I see your point.
take out character arcs, add in characterization. We are missing that from the Rakshi, while Makuta, Ekimu and Karzahni are not entirely written down. I know for the big three we have an idea already, but nothing is concrete. Specially when you start looking at the pitches for their characters, I.e. there is more than one and they follow different characteristics. We still lack character motivations from several of them. Then we have the Rakshi, and one third of the Toa. Neither of which are canonically developed. We have heard a lot about them, and how they act, but little of their motivations and drive. How are we even supposed to start a discussion on Romantics interest if we have no idea what it is for each character.

I feel like I have to state my position though. If all the other things higher on the priority list are finished and we can discuss romance, I feel like we should just write and see how it goes. Not decide first and then write about it. Well developed characters will just act whatever way they want. Even then, I doubt we are going to get time to see characters become a couple before the last season. A good example is the Black Widow, Hulk thing they had. It happened after a time skip, and the characters involved acted in character. The relationship did not last more than the movie too. Just felt unnecessary.


I very much disagree with this, especially with something that is collaborative such as this. I think everyone should generally be on the same page of where a characters going before writing.

I agree we should be on the same page. However that is not what i meant with what I said. I believe we should write the story and see whether its natural progression will allow us to discuss romantic themes and not decide we should discuss romantic themes and then write the story to include them.

Let me attempt to clarify further. When writing the story, most we pick an episode and then decide what is going to happen that episode before we write it down. What I am against is deciding we are going to include something on the story. Say romance, before we even get to the part were it actually happens. Say in episode 4 o season 3A something happens between Gali and Tahu and given their previous interaction the natural progression is a romantic involvement. I say we just write it as such. What I am against is setting from season 1B that e want Gali and Tahu to be a thing and then write it down so it can happen a season alter or something like that.