Romantically Apocalyptic

This is not your average web comic.
Taking place in the shattered ruins of the world, this beautifully-illustrated tale follows the adventures of Charles Snippy; the eccentric and insane “Zee Captain”; Pilot, Captain’s equally crazy lackey; and (later on) the unhappy scientist Engie.
I’m not entirely sure whether the comic as a whole is appropriate for the boards (it has cursing and other adult stuff), but after starting to read it a couple of days ago, I am loving it.

Discuss it!
Include spoiler tags as necessary.


I don’t know what this is, but they all have gas masks.

I already like this.


It’s because it’s in a nuclear wasteland, so they can’t breathe the air.
During the main story, the characters’ faces are almost never seen fully, if ever.
Zee captain’s face is never seen. In fact, captain’s gender and species are both unknown, and captain is hardly a reliable individual to tell them.

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It looks pretty cool

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looks awesome

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I love this comic

but i’ve pretty much stopped reading for a while
i should see if there’s anything new

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This sums up how much I love this comic. Dark humor, intense lore, and amazing art.


oh my god i forgot about this


It has updated since I made this topic.
It’s all just so weird…