Romulus and Remus (gods of Rome game)


Interesting concept and good execution. I recomend using system or ccbs for the non-armored parts of the body

This was what I was going off of, plus I do play the game and his character is DEADLY quick and in game the shields on the back guy (Remus)


It’s hard to tell the backwards brother has a face seeing as it’s just a hf armour shell. I honestly had no clue what it was until I saw the reference image.

Neat idea but the execution could be a bit better.

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That’s the point, remus (on his back) isn’t ment to have a true face, but I don’t have any real “armour” masks so I used that instead to compromise, heres their bio but also if the MB could allow videos I could post tbe 360 vid I took, shows him off way better

Never seen a moc with real hair before.

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Not real hair I cut it from a old mask of mine

Heres the post for the 360 viewing I posted on Twitter

Well try your hand at it and see if u can get something better :rofl: