Roodaka revamp by Sargos

Here are some modifications to our beloved biothot. She was actually the first titan set I ever got. So she went through a lot of modifications throughout years, at some point I even gave her wings, but then scrubbed that idea since they made her too heavy.
The build is also using some cut/modified parts in a few places (Only technic parts) and the ccbs shields on the feet which at some point the younger me just desided to glue on, can’t say I regret that since they look good there.

She got em hips now.

The tail is one thing I feel she always needed, since it gives her one extra point of support. Also since she’s a lizard it’s very fitting.

I wanted to preserve both weapons from the original set with modifications, the spinner won’t fall-off now.

One thing I’m certainly proud of is the breast-plate attachment, her original torso was wiggly and slightly unstable, but now look at this beauty.

Not only it fixes the metru foot in the center in place without any wiggling, it also allows the rhakshi heads to sit a bit closer to each-other creating a more elegant and tight look for the whole upper torso, not only that, but it also allows for a bit of individual movement of each breastplate.


Great build nothing wrong with with thinking out side the box as long as you don’t regret it. (Every time I cut a piece I regret it)


I don’t get the Roodaka-lizard equation, so the tail really doesn’t work in my eyes. The weapons are not as cool as the original, to be honest–the holder things for the Rhotuka are especially too large.

Even so, I think the rest of this looks pretty good. The collar is cool, as are the extra ornaments on the breastplates. The silver tubes for the hair are good, though I’m not sold on the large black piece above them.

She kinda had hips before, but I do like the hip pauldrons as an extra bit of silver. Also they fill out her rear-claw-thing nicely.

I’m not the only one thinking the vakhi head looks lizardish enough. With all mentioned I’m pretty satisfied with aside from the lower arms, being simplistic ccbs. The back hair piece I especially like since it gives the head a pretty elegant shape when looking from the front, without it the head looks too small for the body.

I mean, I’ve seen people make the connection before, but I didn’t get it then either. I must just be missing the look. :stuck_out_tongue: