Roodaka Throne Room Blender

Four hours to render thanks to fire/smoke particles. :expressionless:
Made this throne room in blender and well, its not very creative. Vakama is there and so is the mask of time if you can find it.
Story: In an alternate dimension, Vakama betrayed his toa team and sided with Roodaka. He gave Roodaka the mask of time in exchange for curing the hordika venom, allowing Vakama to be a Toa again.

Bionicle parts from ldraw/brickshelf.


while the room itself is kinda dull, i do really like the placement and posses of the models


It's really dark and the fire doesn't blend well. I like the overall design, though.

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When brightened. It looks great to me.

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thank you. :slight_smile: I am still new to modeling enviornments and buildings.

Thank you. :slight_smile: And, yeah I should've put an extra light source in.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile: If you want, I can recommend a tutor. For example, Blender Guru seems to be good to start. Tutor4u is also good to begin learning blender as well. Here's a good starting place.

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Soon, soon my master... Soon I to shall use the blender...

Honestly though even for a not-creative room it looks pretty good.

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