Roost, the Chicken Bioformer

Well bock, bock, bock, I’m back! Here’s a chicken bioformer.

For better or worse this is probably one of my better bioformers.

Robot mode, a bit awkward but kind of looks like the Decepticon snipers from Fall of Cybertron, so he has that going for him. “Neutralizing targets!”
Talon pose
He’s also decently posable in hen form, so long as you can balance him well. And yeah, I consider him male even though he turns into a hen, we’ll lump him in with Hasbro’s Waspinator and Tigatron (I think) as designs with that flaw/inconsistency.

Anyways, what do you think? I’m pretty fond of him myself, even if he does take several pieces I’ll miss having loose.


Could you add a few more pics of him? Looks fun

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The chicken-form is freaking awesome. Have you considered adding some trans studs to the Mata foot head to make eyes? You could even put an axle through the further socket and attach them either side. Also: Love the combination of G1 and G2 parts. They gel really well here.

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I agree about the robot mode that it looks a little awkward, the chiken looks fantastic though. The only thing I’m off about are the hand feet but that can’t be helped unless you go into partsformer territory.


This guy looks really funny.
Also very nice parts usage and he doesn’t look that bad.

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That really wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I gave the moc to a relative of mine so I don’t really want to add stuff on to him. Still, if I make a something similar I’ll try to remember that. Thanks!

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I’ll see what I can do, he’s been together for a bit of time and I worry about moving the phantoka sockets around too much. Those things make me a little nervous.