Rooster Teeth Discussion Topic

So, ah, after like three minutes of “research,” it would appear we don’t have an actual topic for Rooster Teeth itself, just some of it’s content.

So discuss Rooster Teeth, arguably the most famous and successful internet based production company on Earth, and a pioneer of online web video here.


I saw a little of RWBY, but I haven’t seen any of their other stuff.

I do plan on doing so, however.

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I would recommend RVB, not only for the amazing characters and comedy, but due to how important it is in the history of the internet.

How so?

tbh the only RT series I’m actually interested and invested in is RWBY obviously.


Oldest web-series on the internet, to my knowledge. Predates Youtube, if that’s even something that the mind can comprehend. Like Sammy said, it’s also just a good show.

Personally, I’ve only seen RvB and RWBY. Some of their other stuff looks interesting, but I’m okay with my little niche.


I really like Red VS Blue and RWBY, I’ve also seen heroes and halfwits, which is a live action D&D series.

I haven’t seen much of their other live action stuff though.

Finally a Rooster Teeth topic! :smile: Has anyone seen Eleven Little Roosters or watched the Animated Adventures?


The animated series is great! :smile:


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I love Rooster Teeth. They put a smile on my face so often and after my experience at RTX australia 2016 and RTX sydney 2017 i only love them more


Same. I tried watching some of their other shows, like Camp Camp, but that was way too crude for my liking.

I’m warning you guys here, you should never watch Camp Camp unless you’re into that humor. It’s one of the most disgusting cartoons I’ve ever seen. That being said, I haven’t seen shows like South Park (and I don’t plan on doing so).

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I literally tried watching it last night but as soon as they dropped an f-bomb, I was done.


As of now the only Rooster Teeth series I’ve really gotten invested into is Red vs Blue. I can’t say I’m too interested in RWBY, but I might give it a try.

I really like RWBY, but that’s kind of it. They seem like a good company and everything, but the rest of their stuff isn’t really my kind of thing. Their other content seems fun, but like others have pointed out, it can be very crude.

Well that’s sort of they’re thing (mature comedy) that how they got to be so big. Sure there are some exceptions such as RWBY, which is starting to get a bit more mature, and that one episode from RvB in season 14.

I watched one episode of RWBY, and I might’ve watched RVB.
Basically I don’t watch Rooster Teeth much.

I’ve watched RvB and RWBY up to the first episode of season four. I also enjoy the RT Animated Adventures. I haven’t gotten around to H&H, but it seems funny.

Watch Volume 4. It’s pretty great.

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So I’ve heard. I saw the thumbnail for the latest episode which had angry Ren and I’m like, “I need to watch this, what is happening?”

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roosterteeth, the amazing company

love RvB, love Achievement Hunter, love the podcast, immersion, good stuff

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