Rooster Teeth's RWBY [Discussion]

Does anyone here (besides me, ofc) like RWBY? Just wondering if I’m not the only one. :smiley:

obtw weiss is my waifu



Out of our group, myself, Kahi, Var, Eljay, and Viper are all fans of the show. Of those people, I’d say Kahi and I are probably the biggest fans of the show overall.

We’ve been following volume 2 with rapt attention and have been debating making episode reviews for a while. With BIONICLE coming back and the recent drama, however, our attention has been focused elsewhere. ;_;





Seriously though, it’s a very good series. It retains that humor that RT is known for without making it too adult. On top of that, it has a VERY good story.

I actually just finished watching v2 ep3.


RWBYs the best! I fell out of it for a bit, but I recentlly got super into it, halfway cause of friends, and halfway cause of the new I heard about Kahi going to RTX, and that brought me interested in it again :slight_smile:


What does everybody think of Volume 2 thus far?



I’m liking it a lot so far, It’s really heating up already, and I’ve like the changes, like giving the background crowd faces and stuff, compared to just black outlines, and the new characters are neat, including the 2 new white fangs members. :slight_smile:


I love RWBY. I loved Monty’s work, I was an avid follower of everything he did, and I’ve been a fan since that first trailer got released as the after credits to Season 10.

Me and Meso have about the same amount of enthusiasm for the show…but he didn’t pay a grand and wait for five hours to see the first episode, so… =P

No but seriously, RWBY is an amazing show and I love every bit of it. I’m excited what this means for online content, because this is a mega-franchise that’s creator-owned. I’m hoping this’ll pave the way for a new trend of internet content like Red vs. Blue did.

(Also, every member of the cast is amazing and super gracious and friendly! I got to ask Lindsey (Ruby) some podcast questions for TTV, and she was great about it!)


Volume 2’s a huuuuuge improvement over Volume 1. It’s fantastic!

The latest episode tho

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i’ll go watch it now, I’ll give you my reaction in 20 minutes :slight_smile:

What’s everyone’s favorite character? :3

RWBY: Weiss - Her fighting style is great, and her character, I feel, will be really good once she’s fleshed out a bit more backstory-wise.
JNPR: Ren - Great dynamic with Nora, great fighting style, wish he had more screen-time.

Also Sun’s a pretty cool guy
Mercury too
Pyrrha’s awesome as well
And Jaune
And Ruby

You know what, the entire cast is pretty solid. :stuck_out_tongue:



dannnggg just finished ep 3 of volume 2! I think we all saw something like that coming, but still, that’s kinda crazy. Also, i’m sure those robots won’t malfunction or get controlled or something right? right? ya no

Love it so far. Especially Neptune.

@Shadezy My favorite character so far is Blake. I like her fighting style, and she has the most interesting backstory, besides maybe Ruby.

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Meh. I’m not too in to anime. If I could get a good reason to watch it, I probably would. I’m more into RvB :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m liking Vol 2 so far, which makes me regret not having watched Vol 1 all the way through. got bored 2 episodes in :frowning:

I like it, with all of RT’s stuff (Sqeaver should know =3) I still need to watch Vol 2 and the rest of RvB S12.


why isn’t it thursday again
then again it was thursday yesterday
i’ll be quiet now

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I know I do

As with most internet series I’ve seen, watch it until the third episode or it won’t be interesting.

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Well, the fourth episode was a thing.

Fantastic animation, voice acting, and who am I kidding, this episode was just flat-out AWESOME!

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I have a bunch of favorite characters, but Yang is currently my favorite RWBY member. Ren takes my JNPR spot, but Nora’s very close behind. Neptune and Sun are pretty cool too.

And Episode 4 was just amazing. Seriously, one of the best episodes this season. The added length really helps this series shine.