Rorzakh Revamp

I made a revamp of our favorite Onu-Metru policeman:

(all of the thumbnails link to larger photos (pretty large photos))

For this MOC, I wanted the Vahki to have a more insectoid/robotic appearance and also make it look more physically imposing.

I also made sure that it could do spider mode:

There’s also a brickshelf gallery with even more pics!

Hope you guys like it.



What is with the recent Vahki revamps recently?

This is a different take of a Vahki appearance, but still pose a treat from your mentioning.
I like how the “feet” can flip for it’s transformation and the torso is very conventional.


Nice redesign, but it the lack of the mandibles from the original model and the, err, odd stance of the spider mode bug me (no pun intended i swear). They’re just nitpicks though, I can’t find anything really wrong with it. Nice work.

The quadruped mode is much scarier.

I love how stylistic this is.