Rosie, Toa after stone +Htes MOV

So I would’ve made a separate topic but they’re basically the same build with subtle differences.
So, let’s start with Rosie!
She’s a Toa of stone, as previously mentioned, quite playful, flirty, positive and basically the opposite of my SelfMoc, Razer.

Speaking of Razer, they’re together! They have two kids, sandy and charger!

No weapons yet, but I imagine a spear?
EDIT:Super simple spear made!

So now for the Htes version!
I’m not very familiar with Htes, I just remember seeing the torso and arm design and liking them, so here’s my version of him!

Shotgun is… Not very good IMO.
I tried.
Uhhh, back shot.
So, do you like it?
Just so he sees it- @yolo360nosescope

Just for the record, I’m going to be keeping this in Rosie form.
C & C Is appreciated, thanks for checking this out!


Well nice use of parts. My only complaint is that the stomach area is too thin. But overall not bad.

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Sadly the pics are sideways.


I think that the dark orange is way too sparse. Otherwise, I’ts pretty good.

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I like the skirt design, but I’d like to see more, since the pictures are sideways, I cant see all of the designs features. but what I can see is pretty good!

and i’m flattered that you took the time to make your own version of one of my mocs!

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why are the photos sideways

I’ve seen multiple. Complaints that the pics are sidewAys,if you tap on them they will become full screen and then you can scroll through them. I think it’s because they’re portrait instead of landscape.
@PeppyBricks Ketar? Yeah,I was thinking about that,it’s just difficult to get coverage because there aren’t too many connection options open to me.
@Samtastictogo I would replace all the tan with burnt orange but the only burnt orange pieces I have are the mask and 8 Skrall necks.
@yolo360nosescope I just really like your self MOC!

I’ve changed up the lower torso a bit so for Rosie but the Htes version is staying with the skirt.