Rosmar: A Fool's Penance ( My Final MOC)

So its been a long time. Almost a year at this point.
I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now:

I figured it was about time I posted this. In a lot of ways, this is sort of a sendoff to both my (still wip and likely to stay that way) Kaporria storyline and my career as a mocist, at least for some time.

Essentially, this was the result of an “afterlife”,so to speak, concept I dreamed up a while back where Rosmar died and was reborn as his opposite, for he’d gone mad and committed some sort of atrocity. However, I never really got around to specifying exactly what that atrocity was. (Feel free to brainstorm something in the comments. It’d be fun to see what you guys can come up with.)

Considering Rosmar was my first ever “serious moc”, I feel this is a nice way to bring things full circle. In my eyes, this iteration accomplished everything I wanted to portray in a moc. Obviously, its far from perfect, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Overtime, I’ve realized more and more that I don’t have much time for mocking anymore. As most of you know, high school keeps a kid busy, and I needed to free up some time to focus on my other interests. For now, I’m placing my mocking carrier on the backburner, and its there to stay for the foreseeable future. While I haven’t entirely scrapped Kapporia, it probably won’t be expanded upon much further. At the moment, I’ve repurposed it into a DND-style adventure for me and my buddies to enjoy, and I’m fairly happy with how they’re reacting to what I’ve dreamt up.

I’d like to thank all of you, and the entire TTV cast for giving me a place to express my creativity without having to worry about backlash. It was the confidence boost that I needed to become more open with my art, hobbies, and more recently, my music. This community is something special, and I hope it stays special for a while. As always, criticism is welcome and appreciated, and I’ll be going through the comments as I’ve always done.

Again, thank you all for allowing me to share my creations with you. It’s been a hell of a time.

Grimsock (aka Jake)


It looks pretty sick. The jumbled design seems so… guttural? Not sure what the word for it is, but whatever the case, it looks great and is a refreshing sight from the heavier MOCs I’ve seen.

Pursue your interests, mate. It does not matter what you do as long as you enjoy, and seeing that you’re in high school, make sure you enjoy yourself from time to time. Focusing on subjects is needed, sure, but don’t become a zombie trying to overwork yourself.

Every piece in every build matters. You can thank a community for being a creative space, and the community thanks you for making it a creative place.

Until you come back or something, here’s a cheers to your sendoff.


I’m fairly new to the message boards so I’ve never seen you before. But this moc is great!
I hope to see you more in the future. But for now, peace.


@matterboy Wow, I’m legitimately speechless. That means a lot man, thank you. (Also I think guttural is a good way to put it.)

@Morgy Thanks man!

Love the skinny robot silhouette here. This is pretty impressive.

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Really like the aesthetic it has, gives off a very eerie vibe.

Good luck to you and your future endeavours.

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