Rosmar: Silently Mourning

He’s back in black:

Rosmar is one of the two lead characters in my Kaporia storyline, along with Ga’H00le(I’m currently working on a v2 for him). I didn’t want to call this a v2 (even though he kinda is), as this is him later in my wip story.

I haven’t entirely fleshed out how he ended up like this, but here’s the general idea: After Ga’H00le’s reactor core was ruptured, he released a massive explosion. The heat emitted was hot enough to melt him, and the boom was loud enough to cause Rosmar to go def. Blaming himself for Ga’H00le’s death, Rosmar went into exile. After mourning alone for months , he ran into a peculiar Kaporian by the name of Bilbur, who felt for him, as he had also struggled to come to terms with a terrible ailment.

Over the next several months, Bilbur helped Rosmar cope with his inability to hear. In a way, he allowed Rosmar to hear again. He taught Rosmar to read lips, use body language to detect emotion, and, through extensive practice, he taught Rosmar the practice of Unisco: The ability to tap into a wyrm’s senses, including hearing.

Finally, Bilbur crafted Rosmar new gear to combat his condition even further. He gifted him with a rare material known as Wielder Stone (the trans purple parts), which enhances the bond between Wielder and wyrm. He also crafted him a new weapon: Rage and Serenity

I put a pin in the handle so the weapon can spin without taking it out of Rosmar’s hand.

I also gave him a backpack to store his wyrms. Just pop off the top, slide the wyrms in the sides, and reattach the the top.

He’s not the best thing ever, but I think its a definite improvement from the original. Anyway, lemme know what you all think! Thanks for checking him out!

Also here’s a little bonus pic of him holding the Sword of Wyrms:


Seems familiar

But this is amazing

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photoshop, filters, filters gallery, blur or something like that

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For text as well? Thanks,btw

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I’m not too fond of his necklace thing, but a cool moc nonetheless


[spoiler] [\spoiler] with the opposite slash

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Love it

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This is way to cool😃

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Nice Moc!

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Definitely a really cool moc, no doubt about that

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Really cool! Love the use of the oft-neglected Iden.


love the use of the matoro head, fits in super well

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