RoT Precursor: By the Clang of Metal, Lighting Striketh

In the Realm of The Great Spirit, there were two chains of islands that bore hardly any life, and barely seen up close, outside the truest of travelers. One island in particular, was for a while home to a group of Matoran colonists, who fled the Southern Continent out of fear, knowing not that these islands were even worse.

The Island they were upon had no name. This was rare in that realm, where many things had names. Such as the best that devoured or killed most of the colonists. It had a name. Or like the terrified Vo-Matoran running from said beast. She had a name.

The beast was a Muaka, and the Matoran was Nerai. When Nerai’s people had set upon the land, they were easy prey for the various, dangerous Rahi that had been put there and grown over the years. Nerai had barely managed to escape, and it was for good reason. The Rahi were busy feasting on her friends and neighbors.

Nerai was accustomed to fear. Years of living on the Southern Continent had made her afraid of almost anything she saw.

Her fear in this case had blinded her. She was leading the Muaka right where it wanted her. Against a large, rocky wall, with no way out.

No way out, that is, except for one Toa of Iron with a Kanohi Tryna. One who jumped down from atop the wall, between the small Matoran, and the Muaka.

“Fear not, little one. We must all die sometime, but for you, not today!” He said, looking to her as the Muaka rammed into his shield.

Nerai could only look with her eyes and lenses in awe as this Toa fought off this beast she couldn’t even look at without being torn apart.

The Muaka jumped back, and tried extending his neck and trying to grab the shield with his mouth. The Toa responded by kicking at his jaw, causing it enough pain to retreat.

The Toa looked back to Nerai, and got down on one knee, putting his hands on her shoulders. “You are done running. I am here, and you’ve nothing to fear any longer,” He told her with a smile.

“W-who are you?” Nerai asked, feeling…safe with this Toa. Like she could believe him. That she really didn’t need to be afraid

“I am Toa Zacchaeus. And you?” He asked in return

“N-Nerai.” She answered simply.

“Well, Nerai. Today’s your lucky day then. Not only have you a protector, but a friend now too. Come on, let’s go somewhere not so…defenseless.” He requested, with her nodding in return.

And so the two of them walked out of the cornered location, to see what else this island had in store.

So this is just the first part of a short pre-story to RoT that I’ll do while I wait for my friend to finish writing his parts to the story. This is a bit into the backstory of Nerai, and I’ll get into all six of the main Toa eventually.


This fanon is great! It’s so captivating and feels very professional.
Can’t wait to read more :slight_smile:

This is already looking to be an awesome story. Good work!

Oh yeah, I was gonna read through Nyran’s stories! gr8 m8, 8/8. You could use to edit your punctuation a bit, though. :stuck_out_tongue: