Rotis Mason Thatcher, The Reborn Soldier

This is Rotis, he is one of the creations that i find to be very good,also this being a revamp,he looks way better now,as you can see the knife is a modified piece,and yes i know his color scheme is wonky but it has a story. The whole entire armor is made by Rhino tech. one of the companies in my story. the blue is a bi layer plate,designed to protect him,the white is the standard armor pieces,and the black is the reinforced layer,also his helmet is like that as he didn’t want to give up his prized helmet. Like my other MOCs,i dont explain the story of them right here,if you want highlights on there story, ask in the comments please.I also however forgot to mention that the torso is modified as well,it is missing the lower ball joints for the legs.


I love the cape, really look cool. The leg and arm design are a little lackluster however.

The color scheme is a little odd but I really like the cape.

Good work! :slight_smile:

thanks. Now the legs and arms are something to fix i know,but i dont really have any good ideas for them,but also thank you for your feedback.

@Saxton Thank you for the feedback. The cape was originaly a try of creating a long coat for my self-MOC. However since that failed, when i revamped Rotis i put this on. Also, i would change the color scheme to an all gold,black, and green,but then it wouldnt feel like Rotis to me,i feel as if the current scheme fits him,might be wonky but it feels great.

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Oh you posted one of my favorites here awesome man good to see you figured out how to post here

yep, it was hard at first because i didn’t see the button, then i moused over it by accident and saw it said new topic.

Great, but I would like better pictures (and more of them).

@darkbrick999 yea, these pics where afew weeks old, need to get new ones