Rotis Mason Thatcher, the samurai Kishi (Small revamp of Rotis Mason Thatcher)

Well after noticing the blue on Rotis didn’t quite fit for his story, i replaced it with gold, thus giving him a more better feel that his armor came from RHINO tech. Another thing was i replaced some of the leg armor he had, giving him beefier calves ans stuff and open upper thigh parts to act like a combo of the HALO: reach armor and some samurai armor. Due to events his cape was ripped and couldn’t be used. Also sorry for crappy graphics,my camera sucks but it still took somewhat decent pics.


I like the colors and what I can see of the build looks cool.

Thank you for the feedback @Rocka99.



No coincidence clearly

Rotis Mason Thatcher doesn’t sound all too Japanese.

@HewksDKowlihad only the armor is Japanese named in origin

@squeaverking i used the name blazewarrior02 before it was even a term for weed gods lol

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Looks pretty good (from the one picture I can make out clearly.) torso is really lanky but other then that the color scheme is decent

Word of advice though; desk lamp. The quality looks like you relied on natural light; not a good idea.

@Khalsa721 the only reason the lighting is like this was because i was at my school, i will be using my computer camera from now on,also the reason his torso is lanky is because it represents a more fit body, i was aiming for height. and also thank you for the color scheme and for your feedback.

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Then I’d modify his limbs to match. For now his body is too lanky compared to his standard length limbs.

Kinda basic, but its allright.
Also, the camera quality is :-1:

@Ahkmou thanks for the feedback. When it comes to me i always aim for basic as long as there overall shape and look feels good,. if i can make a more complex design, then i will aim for it,but as for now i like Rotis the way he is atm.

@Brunamal thanks for the feedback

I like it. The potato camera doesn’t do it any favours, but what I can see of it looks good.

Torso seems a bit long. Also, why no brain stalk?

@MrCod thanks for your feedback. The only reason rotis’es torso is long is because it is a modified CCBS torso piece, also meant to create the feel of a somewhat skinny, somewhat stocky boy with armor on, the armor also in story is accompanied by the injection of a chemical that makes him alittle taller. Also there is no brain stock as i hate that function,i am however looking for new ideas to add eye colors in,maybe adding in transparent green eyes as a replacement for brains. another thing its a pet peeve I have.