Consider this your two day warning, the RPG category will be reset on July 4th.

What does this mean?

Well, beginning on the fourth, all RPG game topics will be closed, and any discussion topics for RPGs that have not gotten replies in over a week will be closed as well: GM’s are welcome to start new topics for their RPGs once the initial reset has occurred.

Also beginning on the fourth, the fully updated RPG category rules will come into full effect. This means Sign Up/discussion topics MUST be started in RPG Discussion, OOC only posts will not be allowed in game topics (Though the staff will mostly rely on player moderation and reporting in this case, and excessive OOC only posting could result in a warning), and perhaps most importantly, starting multiple RPGs will only be allowed with permission by the mod squad. Please familiarize yourself with the updated rules here before the fourth as they will come into full effect at that time.



so if I started my rp today it’d only be up for a day?

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I’ll be honest, it’s gonna get closed.

But just PM me the link and I’ll make sure it gets reopened :stuck_out_tongue:

Fact is I won’t actually be carrying out the majority of the reset myself as I’ll be at work, but I’ll be making sure any issues that come up will be handled in the afternoon. I’ll be returning around 5:00-5:30 PM mountain time.


About time :gregf:

So something that only @Runa Tuna has to be concerned about.



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I mean, are you really wrong though?

Being honest, I think I may have been the catalyst for that rule…


Is it safe for me to post my rp without worrying about the reset now?

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It should be yes!

I’m in the process of combing through myself and doing the last bit of cleaning, so bear with me here!

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Can you do this again? Thanks

Please read the following: RPG Reset Moratorium

The Category reset has been put on hold indefinitely.

Hooray dude! You mods are seriously growing on me