Rpg Slime swordsman

I’ve been playing a lot of rpgs. As usual I got bored and this guy came from slapping random bones and shells together. The name is just from the fact it looks like some enemy in an rpg.

Even for basic ccbs I actually kinda like it as a mass built slime ish enemy. Might buy more trans bones to make different variations of these guys.


How does he look in front of a window? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a very broad category to be going off.

Not going to say the moc is bad because you already mentioned my critiques and explained them.

I merely want to say that you may as well be saying “this looks like a dude from an FPS”

RPGs as a genre are a very vast thing spanning tabletop and video games with so many art designs that implying there is a trend is like calling TES a D&D rip off.

Ok; maybe I should be mire specific. A first level basic mob (specifically a slime.)

Pretty cool. I like that he’s not made of pure neon blue and there’s some grey pieces put in good spots. That’s what I loved about G2’s skull enemies. So, is his sword basically a bone sword that he bluntly hits people with?

Nice MOC, it’s simple but like you said it’s a basic enemy.

Wow, I kinda love this little dude. Looks alright and that sword is just pure genius. If it’s alright with you I might use that basic idea for a sword for some of my weird MOCs.

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Not too big on the look of the feet, but there’s a certain appeal to his overall appearance otherwise that I can’t quite lay my finger on.

Neat parking lot; they were nice enough to install roofs on half to protect the cars from hail

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Sure. I don’t mind.

This is a cool idea, maybe with multiple of them you could a dd a combiner feature to create a giant slime.