Rubble Troll

###Like the Ash Minotaur here Ash Minotaur I built this from a bag of assorted bits I got.

One piece was this stupid face thing with a silly smile that I thought I’d never use… So naturally I based a moc around it.

Here’s the Ash Minotaur’s dumpy friend.


this guy looks cute and also scary at the same time! good job, its simple build is forgiven as it is from an assorted bag, but also the simplicity adds a level of charm to the Moc, in simple words i love it! 9 Origan fingers out of 10

Etok? Is that you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Jokes aside, this is pretty neat.
My only nitpick is it looks kinda like a revamped Etok.
Still, this gets a 10/10.

The Brain Attack head on his rear looks a little odd, but this is an otherwise well designed MOC.

e t o k

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it’s weird that there is a head that comes out of his butt and has a tube that goes to his head, but still looks cool

The gun above the head looks a bit weird, but other than that, it’s a good moc


Ok… What is Etok.

@Fidda yea I’ll admit it’s tacked on, I was going for a gun that’s just bolted to its back with a little vat of acid on its back.

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It’s a reference to Play Stippling if I am correct. He has a character in his 30 Minute Moc series who uses that part as a face.