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yeah I’ll get started with that


Here’s two renders:

Toa Setras:

And with that all my Toa builds are finished.

Here’s Castan’s lore dump:


Castan is the Toa Setras of Earth. The Huna that he wears allows him to become invisible, however will still cast a shadow when using the Mask of Concealment. This power is very useful for stealth, and he often uses it for that. His mask, while Noble-shaped, is a Great Mask in power. Castan’s Toa Tools are two Quake Drills, which are attached to his forearms. He can channel his elemental powers through the drills, and can use them for tunneling. The heads of the weapons can also open up, similarly to Kerik’s spear, although this is mentally controlled by Castan instead of a switch. In this form, they can be used as grasping claws or as rapidly spinning blades. Castan is rather proficient at using the unorthodox nature of his weapons to their fullest advantage. As Castan is a Toa of Earth, his powers allow him to create, control, and absorb dirt and soil. Many of his battle moves include trapping foes in earth, shaking the ground underneath opponents to put them off-balance, and creating walls of earth to protect his friends. A favorite tactic of his is to tunnel into the ground using his two drills, and then tunnel right back up underneath his enemy to surprise them. Castan is also very stealthy, can sense vibrations in the earth, and hardly ever gives up, except when he knows he should. He relies on Ohira’s leadership skills and is very loyal to her and the other members of the Toa Setras, though isn’t afraid to speak out when he feels something is wrong. Personality-wise, Castan is usually calm and observant. Not the most talkative, but friendly. In addition, he is very logical and analytical, preferring to observe a situation first rather than jumping right into it. Like Ohira, he is good at managing the different personalities of their team and giving support. Castan is very strategic in battle as well, targeting the enemy’s weak points and exploiting them, and is very strong as well, befitting his former occupation. Before becoming a Toa, Castan lived and worked in Irusia, like all the other members of the Toa Setras. Like most Onu-Matoran, he was a miner, working deep within the dark and damp tunnels of his home. While mining underground one day, Serti, a Toa of Magnetism, came to him and gave him a Toa Stone, and a cryptic warning about Irusia’s immediate future. Like the others, Castan made his way to the Irusian suva, where he was transformed into a Toa by activating the stone’s energies. Serti, now a Turaga, and Toa Vedra arrived at the suva, telling the six new Toa that they needed to get out of Irusia as soon as possible. The six heeded their warning and the group left Irusia, narrowly avoiding capture during the invasion. They then began traveling north, Vedra transforming into a Turaga in the process. The group wandered, taking out bad guys and doing good all the while, with the two Turaga training the Toa Setras. Soon, they ran into a group consisting of four Irusians and six Toa. After being introduced to each other, the two groups joined forces as they realized that they shared the same goal. Then, they started heading back to Irusia and started making up a battle plan to take back the island. Serti and Vedra also extended their training to the Toa Cordrus as well as the Toa Setras.


It’s strange because the parts you ordered seem to not be ones for these? Like the Vahki arms? Regardless it’s nice you’re making them physically dude.


I mean yeah it’ll take forever but it’ll still be awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rukah thinks this is the best toa team.


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Rukah thinks so.


You know what I think? I think you should comment on my mocs. :stuck_out_tongue:


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