Ruldolph, Toa of Glowing Noses

When you read the title and clicked on this post, you probably thought it was a joke.
It’s not… this is a cool MOC I made in December, I took him apart but I still had a few photos left, so I thought that while I’m working on new Mocs, I’ll just show my old ones.

Yes… he has a sweater… (don’t you even dare to ask how I got a tiny sweater)

Also his nose is just stuck on with some putty/glue. I tried both and I just gave up and pushed it onto the Kakama.

A little editing magic

And theres his legs in closer detail. Also the upper arms and torso are completely bare because I couldn’t fit any armpit under it or the sweater wouldn’t fit. Yeah all the connections are a bit… awkward? But the sweater covers it up so I’m not that annoyed about it.



just yes…

This is so much yes that yes is all I have to say.


let’s address the elephant in the room

against all warnings, i must dare to ask

how did you get a tiny sweater

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It’s a secret. I’ll never tell

TAMW you take off your shoes and realize that you’ve been wearing different coloured socks for the whole day


… if course there’s that one guy who would point that out


Amazing, not even kidding, I love this. Nice job.

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Thanks! I like it mainly because of how stupid it is, but that’s where most of the charm comes from.

This is pretty cool, if not about two months late.

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Some small antlers would look cool, but for what it is I like it. The way you used the Visorak feet for the hooves is an especially neat detail.

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Thanks. The reason they’re so big is because they are meant to also act as skis for him, witch is why his weapons look like ski-ing sticks.

This is probably the most adorable MOC I’ve been fortunate enough to witness recently.
The sweater ties it all together and I’m loving the limb designs.
Kinda reminds me of someone who tries to be tough and threatening, but is unfortunately too cute to be seen as such.

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I feel the same way!

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He’s amazing.

I want his sweater.

SIGNED OR I TAKE HIM HOSTAGE :stuck_out_tongue:

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its february
Decent, my dude.

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It is sooo cute! I want a How-To!

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How’d you get the tiny sweater?

Okay looking back on it I guess I’ll tell you where the sweater is from. My grandma knitted tiny sweaters to hang on our Christmas one year. I took it off the tree and put it on an unfinished MOC and this little guy was born.