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Y'know, there's something bothering me. When someone double-posts, you edit their post and tell them to use the @ symbol to reply to multiple people, but this often makes a convo hard to follow. Wouldn't having them quote the other person be easier? Some people may not understand how to quote, also.


Funnily enough, I brought this very idea to the Mods once, before I became one. Now that I'm here, I think I understand why they do this.

It's just quicker to use the @. stuck_out_tongue


unless your internet sucks.


Both are acceptable options. It's just easier to explain how to use the @ system because all you have to do is type it. Quoting is a bit more of an unorthodox system (highlighting then clicking).


Personally, I barely ever use the @ and quote. But for some people, it's easier.

There is no revival limit. Personally, I encourage members to actually post in "dead" topics, because it makes it easier to see all possible discussion on said topic, and it also limits the amount of new ones. I've never really seen the point of closing topics in the first place, anyways. I guess it mattered more when I used to be on InvisionBoard, but our software is way more dynamic and easy to use and search on.


Yeah, "necroposting" isn't such a bad thing as people here make it out to be, as long as it actually adds to the conversation, rather than spam it.


(Just re-posting this from Behavioral Rules)

Amendment II: Community provocation is not allowed.

This means the intentional instigation with the goal of stirring up controversy, riling up other members, inciting flame wars, or promoting rebellion.

Sometimes decisions are made by staff that don't always make sense to members, it happens. But we expect all members to behave appropriately, regardless of their personal feelings towards administrative action. If a decision has been made that you do not like, feel free to initiate a PM conversation with an administrator regarding it- and perhaps they will help explain why it was necessary.

However, staff members hold all authority over these boards, regardless of member approval. The staff are not obligated to change rules or decisions, and in most cases a staff ruling is final whether the community agrees or not. We ask that all members understand that we make rules with the intention of keeping the Message Boards a clean and inviting environment for all fans, young or old, to enjoy.

If a member decides to take matters into their own hands and attempt to rally up support against the admins they will be banned. This website is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship. The community does not run the site, nor do they pay for the site, and have no final say in any decisions that are made.

If at the end of the day a member has determined that they do not enjoy the way the site is run, they are free to leave and request that their account be terminated (banned indefinitely). There are plenty of other forums and communities that may better fit their desires.


I wonder why this is coming up? wink


What? Why? I'm probably being really stupid and missing something obvious, but why?




Yeah, your probably right...


TTV set up some forums for people who dont know how to speak english frowning



They have over-estimated the human race.


TTV russia

TTV germany

TTV poland

needs to happen


What is this? Hetalia?

Anyways, I can see where you're coming from, but realistically speaking, I don't think that will happen anytime soon.


imagine italy as a Matoran


Took a half hour, but I finally read the whole thing. stuck_out_tongue Sorry for the double posts I made a while ago. This is the first forum site I've ever joined, and I'm used to G+, YouTube, & Hangouts, where there's no issue with a lot of this. However, I think these are great rules and will help keep the Boards civil. smiley

6 Likes soon as TTV get the funds to run more then one website without going bankrupt.

EDIT: Hey look, @Eljay redid the main post. It's so pretty now! :heart_eyes:


Alright first I have a question regarding double-posting. What if you want to post something new in a topic, relevant to the topic matter, but you were the last one to post in said topic, let's say 4 days ago. Would creating a new reply after that timeframe be considered double-posting, or would that be acceptable?

Secondly, noticed a teeny tiny spelling error, likely due to how close the t and r button are. But figured I'd bring it up since it seems to have been missed until now.